Kristen the Great

From her thunderous entrance on the scene during the early 90’s grunge era, through her shaved eyebrow stage, through all her hair changes, Kristen McMenamy was to many the epitome of originality. How happy are we to see her in the new W, shot by Juergen Teller looking as raw and primal as ever? It’s “major” as the kids all say. Classicly beautiful, she is not. Unconventional, unorthodox and unique, that she most certainly is. Welcome back Kristen.

Kristen by Juergen Teller for October 2008 W. Repped exclusively by Ford Models Europe.

  1. i always thought that Kirsten would be around even when the supermodel era was gone. She´s not everywhere like the other ones but is soo good to know that she´s still alive and kicking! love her!

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