Vogue Korea Elects their Fab Five

Photographer – Tae-Kyun Kim | Stylist – Kihoh Sohn | Hair – Seungwon Kim | Makeup – Hyeryung Park | Models – Hyun Ji Shin, Hoyeon Jung, Sohyun Jung, Sora Choi, and Yoon Young Bae

You don’t have to convince us to check out a new cover featuring models but the one from Vogue Korea is especially golden. A selection from of our Top 50 and Hot List rankings unveils “The Famous Five” stamp on Hoyeon Jung, Sora Choi, Yoon Young Bae, Hyun Ji Shin, and Sohyun Jung. The top faces return home for this November cover story shot by Tae-Kyun Kim and range between glam and oversized minimalist wares from Kihoh Sohn.


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