Spring Forward 2010

Just because we know that you want your campaigns and you want them NOW, here’s a peek at some of the season’s best and most anticipated campaigns during the last few days of the decade. The madness starts again in 5 days.

Toni Garrn and Lars Burmeister by Peter Lindbergh for Hugo Boss S/S 10



Jamie Strachan, Angela Lindvall, Erin Wasson and Mihaly Martins by Matt Jones for Hugo Boss Orange S/S 10. (thanks to ASF from tFS for  the Hugo Boss info)


Natalia Vodianova by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for YSL S/S 10


Viktoriya Sosonkina and Sasha Pivovarova for Mulberry S/S 10


? by Steven Meisel for Prada S/S 10. Could it be the mysterious Rasa Zukauskaite?


Katrin Thormann, Jules Mordovets, Daria Strokous, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Cato Van Ee by Mario Testino for D&G S/S 10


Claudia Schiffer by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel S/S 10


Baptiste Giabiconi, Freja Beha Erichsen by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel S/S 10


Georgia May Jagger by Mario Testino for Versace S/S 10


Claudia Schiffer for Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 10


Kate Moss and what looks like Baptiste Giabiconi… we will get back to you on that! Just Cavalli S/S 10


(Thanks to the energetic efforts of Norhern Star at tFS for the above scans).

  1. Uh Oh… 2010 is gonna be another one!
    If this is an indication of things to come, which it is, we’re in for more stellar images.

    Though the Mulberry is a bit too Prada for me.
    Baptiste in Cavalli? Wow! Probably wearing Chanel anyway..

    Chanel and Ferragamo are my favorites thus far. Claudia is just rockin’.

  2. Its so wierd how good Baptiste looks in womens clothing, his body suits them perfectly and although the image is expertly composed this whole subversion thing is getting a little old. It has to be a little emasculating for him.

    Btw it is Baptiste in that picture

  3. I think the D&G ad campaign works here. And I do must admitt the Chanel ad might be my favorite but I think Freja looks too damn skinny. Claudia is working it. And yes, Baptiste looks feminine all the time. Gettting old.

  4. ysl is a snorefest. if i had to pick a favorite i’d probably say prada. even though there really isn’t much going on there :/

    kudos to rasa for working it as a hand/mouth model though

  5. Yeah Mulberry looks like a Prada ad lol. Their campaigns are always pretty cool, don’t know what happened this time.

    YSL, Hugo Boss = zzzzz

    Chanel is okay although I don’t know about Baptiste, maybe I don’t get it?

    Kate looks a little too photoshopped in Cavalli, they should’ve just used a younger model instead of trying to make her look like one.

    I don’t really like the Versace ad, I mean it’s okay, seen it before, but I loooove Georgia J, she looks so much like Mick yet she’s so pretty.

    I’m sure we’ll see another version of the Prada ads, this seems to be a handbag shot, doubt they’ll do a faceless campaign.

    I like Ferragamo the best, and I’m not even a big fan of Claudia, but it serves its purpose, it looks chic. Dunno if it’s good or bad when a Ferragamo ad looks better than Versace and Prada.

  6. I like Mulberrys ss2010 the best .I like Freja’s Chanel campaign okay.I am sick of seeing Claudia Schiffer in Chanel campaigns,this said i never liked her in any of the campaigns

  7. omg, georgia is up in coming!!!! she is my dream wife. georgia, give ur fucking boyfriend an ass kick and come to me!!

  8. Hugo Boss is nice its clean, fun and carefree.

    I love YSL. natalia always bring it to the next level. This looks like a high art.

    Mulberry is recycled from seasons ago prada.

    Prada is nice……they really should use little lindsey, that girl is La Face!

    Claudia is a perfect model, yet she’s very cold, or I dunno. Lol

    Kate in Cavalli again, is Lara Stone not available?

  9. This is one of the worst seasons ever. The campaigns we’ve seen so far are sooooooo boring. Unbelievable lack of creativity. Perhaps fashion needs some new blood in terms of photographers, stylists and editors. What a snorefest.

    At least, my girl Kate looks fantastic, even if they retouched her so much. And I also love Baptiste. But, as someone else said before, there’s something strangely alluring about him in feminine clothing. It just fits him perfectly.

  10. I only love the prada and like the chanel. I especially do not like the boss ones, more than the others. I can’t get over the purple skin tone of Mulberry, and that versace one is much too busy. Very messy arrangemt of text and photo.

    On a happier note, the one with Freja is super cool. D&G is meh, I like it though.

    There are tons of unfamiliar models (in terms of campaigns) taking up the storm. Props to them.

    Oh and Kate Moss, why are you still so stunning?

    @Jeremiah Van Wagenen: I second your opinion! GEMMA!

    These campaign ads should be more dynamic, dramatic, and in your face as a little escape from our economic situtation. I usually am so excited for new campaigns, but really? I hope the other designers have super good ones.


  11. It’s only the first batch. Besides, I think they were going for “digestible” more than anything else. And all of these are just that. There has been fashion overload lately. We’ve been inundated with brilliant design and image. A little subtlety is nice every now and again. Gives it some perspective.

  12. i’ll admit that i was pleasantly surprised by the versace ad – the retro gianni feel and a fresh face at least warrants a double-take. yet i must agree that the bulk of this batch of campaigns is extremely uninspired and uninspiring (esp when compared to lanvin’s and even givenchy’s.) begs the question: why is so much money spent on campaigns that simply look recycled? does the average shopper truly respond to this? ps – also over baptiste, though i was never into him.

  13. the prada model may be dree?? im not sure but she’s was in the last prada ads of 2009 with natasha and raquel.
    i just think it may be her again in an add for prada cause it looks like her Wide jaw but its probably rasa

  14. In the Versace ad, it looks like her mouth is about to poke out and swallow her face, not a fan at all. Not embodying what Versace is about, bad choice of model.

  15. @Jon, perhaps it’s because Georgia is not really a model, but just a Lara copycat. Versace should’ve used the real thing.
    I’m so tired of seeing rich daddies buying modelling jobs to their offsprings. Modelling is not for everyone. Leave it to the pros, kid.

  16. s/s 10 ad campaign. i think they missed ISABELI FONTANA. hope to see Fontana for s/s 10 ad campaign. but i like viktoriya n sasha.

  17. Ditto, Gracie. You have to throw the ‘rich kid, son/daughter of whoever’ in there. It’s part of pop culture, and sells. On the other hand, I am dying to see Simon Nessman for Versace. I was so excited to hear that he would be the face for SS10, and not ‘Dr. McDreamy’. Simon is the real deal for male modeling standards nowadays. That kid is a star!!

  18. The gay in me thinks that this androgenous posturing by Baptiste is really sexy. The fashion “critic” in me thinks it’s strange that he seems to pose that way time after time after time. I wonder where that comes from, from his own preference of how to model, or if he’s really being asked to be that way by the photographers, because I don’t see any other male models really doing it frequently.

  19. the ads are very boring!!!! nothing special!!! the only one that I remembered after scrolling down is the ysl ad!!! baptiste is one of the most boring male model out there! handsome but bland bland bland!!!! He honestly did not deserve the number one spot, the one who deserved it at the time of his “coronation” was garrett neff or sean opry! he definitely robbed it off garrett though! Male modeling needs more spice meaning someone who is not too perfect looking, whatever that means, just as long as they have the blue chip. batiste does not have that chip!

  20. Is that really Claudia in Chanel? Look like Lara to me.

    Love Claudia in Ferragamo, she looks like a old hollywood star there.

    Georgio brings fresh look to Versace, she is the rock star or (at leat) rock star’s daughter.

    Kate Moss is so sexy cougar in Just Cavalli:)

    Love orange Boss the best, injected “life” in the ad.

    I don’t get Baptiste in all the Chanel ads , just because he is Karl’s muse so he has to be forced in all the ads and show?????

  21. I’m waiting for Karlie’s Dior ad and McQueen’s!
    @Larszz yeah it actually does look like Heidi…

  22. I really don’t like freja’s look in thi campaign and in general. i hate versace ad; georgia isn’t pulling it off. I’m bored of seeing same established models (kate, claudia natalia etc) in ads and covers.

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