Fucking Young! Gets Mystic

“Magic exists and is present in the small everyday things,” Fucking Young‘s editor-in-chief Adriano Batista writes at the beginning of the latest issue, devoted to mysticism, “in sensations, in love, in the eyes of the stranger that gives you the feeling that they know something more.” That search for something more runs throughout the issue, ranging from the all-encompassing magic of love to experiments with the dark arts. Mekhi Lucky takes the cover, photographed by Hunter & Gatti and styled by Marti Arcucci as a powerful apparition with his two-toned eyes. Allan Hamitouche and Jérémie Chegrane capture a quintet of new faces as a cult of dark spirits while Saverio Cardia and Luca Imbimbo conjure up a ritual of smoke and colors. Twins Erik Put and Niek Put force a double take as suited-up apparitions in Peggy Kuiper’s feature as Leeor Wild summons up some spells and potions. More magical than mystical, Michiel Meewis and Michael Miller capture the intimacy of two young gay couples in love, a reminder of the beauty of the “small everyday things” Batista describes.

Take a look at the issue below.

Mekhi Lucky | Photographer – Hunter & Gatti | Stylist – Marti Arcucci

Erik Put and Niek Put | Photographer – Peggy Kuiper | Stylist – Julia Müller

Photographer – Daniel del Valle | Stylist – Jorge Garcia

serpentwithfeet | Photographer – Cesar Love Alexandre | Stylist – Edda Gudmundsdottir

Timothy at Matt Models | Photographer – Petrovsky & Ramone | Stylist – Philippe Pourhashemi

Mekhi Lucky | Photographer – Hunter & Gatti | Stylist – Marti Arcucci

Mekhi Lucky | Photographer – Hunter & Gatti | Stylist – Marti Arcucci

Jules Pencréach, Mamadou Lo, Paul Manniez, Raphael Gariepy, and Rubens | Photographer – Allan Hamitouche | Stylist – Jérémie Chegrane

Ernest W Baker | Photographer – Dan Lecca

Photographer – Michiel Meewis | Stylist – Michael Miller

Jung Siik Kim | Photographer – Leeor Wild | Stylist – Christine Nicholson

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