With A Wink

Natasha Poly graces the October edition of i-D. Shot by Emma Summerton the cool blue pictorial shows the leggy beauty looking sleek and chic. In addition to posing Ms. Poly provides a hint of her behind the scenes personality. In a mini interview Natasha offers up her recipe for Borscht and shares the top 10 songs on her iPod.

Natasha Poly by Emma Summerton for i-D October 2008 – Images courtesy of Select

  1. Beautiful…she is so gorgeous. I am having a hard time believing she is chowing on Borscht though.. girl is skinnayyyyyy!

  2. Natasha looks amazing. Speaking of borscht… if she is anything like me, she can eat whatever she wants without gaining an ounce. I am of Russian origin as well, tall & skinny – and can’t put on any weight no matter what I do. And trust me, I’d like to get some meat on my bones so my boobs look better!

  3. Emma Summerton is a great photographer! i am always amazed with her work.
    she made natasha looking so gracefull edgy!

    im so jelous martina 🙂

  4. Ryder, don’t be jealous – I am flat as a board on top! It’s totally not cute. Hah hah… Curves are beautiful. Look at how much better Sasha Pivovarova looks this season, with some meat on her bones.

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