Allure Redefines Beauty with an All-Asian Cast

Photographer – Sølve Sundsbø | Fashion Editor – Beat Bolliger | Hair – Malcolm Edwards | Makeup – Hiromi Ueda | Manicurist – Chisato Yamamoto

Allure Magazine makes movement towards a more inclusive perspective with its newest issue for June. Photographer Sølve Sundsbø captures animated cover portraits of Fei Fei Sun, Fernanda Ly, and Soo Joo Park all enticing major hair envy. The top models reflected on their experiences in the industry – both good and bad – and how more steps need to be taken to diversify fashion. In her editor’s letter and a series of tweets, editor-in-chief Michelle Lee explained her personal motivations to include an all Asian cast for this month’s cover and shared a staggering statistic. “After we decided to do it, it got me thinking about when the last time was that Allure had an Asian woman on the cover. In 327 issues and over 28 years, there had only been two Asian women on the cover: Lucy Liu in 2000 and Olivia Munn, who’s part Chinese, in 2014. Not. Good.”

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  1. When I first heard Michelle Lee, I was taken by surprise because I thought it was Michelle Lee the casting director whom is known for not embracing her own beauty and often doesn’t cast Asian models for her shows/campaigns. But I’m happy to know it’s Michelle Lee the editor whom embraces her own ethnicity and promotes the beauty of Asian women. Super proud and happy to see Asian models achieving another milestone.

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