Made in Brazil Heads to Rio Grande do Norte

Continuing its exploration of the vast country of Brazil, Made in Brazil Magazine takes its latest issue to the North Atlantic coast, devoting an entire issue to a single feature shot by Philippe Vogelenzang and styled by David Vandewal amongst the white sand beaches and translucent waters of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, an area never before seen in fashion publications. Loosely inspired by both The Lord of the Flies and Mad Max, the issue is, in the words of founder Juliano Corbetta, “a story of love, brotherhood, and survival above all, which I think was appropriate for the current political climate.”

One of the two covers, featuring Jhonattan Burjack and newcomer Lucca Schlenker in an embrace, makes a powerful statement all its own, connecting to a new collaboration with Casa 1, a Sao Paulo charity that provides housing for homeless LGBTQ youth. Limited-edition archival t-shirts and caps, bundled together with the new issue, sold out quickly upon prerelease, with all the proceeds going to Casa 1. Corbetta calls the new edition his favorite yet, both for the experience of creating it and the reception its received since.

Take an exclusive first look below.

THROUGHOUT: Jhonattan Burjack, Lucca Schlenker, Diego Rocha, and Raul Barbosa | Photographer – Philippe Vogelenzang | Stylist – David Vandewal

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