Sunny Side Up

Norman Jean Roy brings his vibrant vision to the pages of Vogue in an editorial that is filled with color and life : Raquel Zimmermann, joins up and coming talents from the worlds of film, theatre, music and food for the series of carefree shots. Whether she is striking a robotic pose alongside Avatar star, Sam Worthington, or helping chef Travis Lett in the kitchen, Raquel looks glamorous and poised.






  1. It took me a LONG time to like her but I’m finally a fan , as of a year ago (her nose was to sharp for my taste). She does great work and will be around for a long time (and has already been). Good Luck Raquel. And yes good to see her working. It seems like a slow down had accrued.

  2. Amazing, she can do anything, I see her 40 years from now still looking very elegant and gorgeous in magazines.

  3. To Morena,
    I would urge you to be more tolerant of different looks in models. Saying Raquel is “terrible” is so lacking in judgement that it shows me that you are either very young or very immature or both. Everyone has their taste in models, Gisele is obviously your type. But the fact that Raquel is booked continuously for 10 years is evidence that her appeal is quite universal. Of course you are entitled to have your own opinions, I just suggest that you write with kindness about this person who is a human being. Karma always comes back to people.

    Maybe I can suggest that you change “she’s terrible” to “she’s not my cup of tea”.


  4. pic n 1 DEMARCHELIER
    pic n2 n4 TESTINO
    pic n3 n 5 KLEIN…

    do we really need a bad cloner photogrpaher ?

  5. Yeah, agree with Betty… I love Gisele and she was the reason why i wanted to be a designer….. but as a designer i appreciate all looks and love Raquel versatility as a model…I questioned her 3 years ago.. but dang gina! Ms.Raquel has but nay sayers to rest. that first pic is sooo Latin so beautiful…. all of them… second to last brngs back what K.K did in vogue when she had the bangs….. that brings up other things… Natasha and Gisele (after the baby) needs to go back dark…. they look more exotic that way… I think we’ll this girl working for another ten years…. by the way Sou do Brasilero!

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