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Vogue Russia kicks 2010 off the right way, with a singularly stunning shot of Natasha Poly. The image of Natasha looking blonder, bolder and more even glamourous than we’ve seen her, strikes just the right note and the caption “Beauty Above All” is the perfect motto for the new year.


  1. It’s cute in a Barbie-doll sort of way. I’m just sort of done with the Sashas and the Natashas with their blonde hair and cute button noses. I would love to see more Eugenia Volodinas.

  2. Natasha is a goddess. One of the best models ever in a while, along with Daria. Just beautiful. She’s a chameleon, she’s sweet, she walks the best walk, what’s more to like? :p

  3. omg, can she please take a break. She needs to retire for like a year or two?, do nothing.
    she’s boring me.

  4. ^Cover your eyes everytime you see her, Oh but you’ll be with your eyes covered all the time cuz she will be for a long time!!!

    Can’t wait for the editorial!!
    What a day for Natasha!! first her Vogue Cover and then Gucci S/S 10 Campaign !!

  5. Actually..I really hope she won t retire too soon…she is such a versatile model,..That I simply cand t get enough of her!She really is perfecT!and manages through her personality to be inspiring!!!

  6. We can’t on one hand complain about the industry going through models and introducing new girls like speed-dating & on the other complain about the ones the industry does keep on as staples by saying we’re bored or sick of them.

    Natasha is a keeper.

  7. When I saw natasha for the first time,her unique face attracted me.She’s wild,she’s sexy,she’s the reason we love runway.

  8. natasha is gonna stay for a long time because she’s naturally a stunner in every fashion show……. she’s very original and unique…..

  9. Gorgeous! Girls like Natasha are what makes fashion. Going on six years in the ‘big leagues’, she continues to inspire, and make beautiful imagery, nail major campaigns, and stomp the catwalk down. If YOU are so tired of her, then maybe YOU should take a break from fashion. Natasha Poly and fashion; almost synonymous, no?

  10. Oh, wow, go Russia Vogue, this is sooo beautiful, ephemeral, and glamorous. Nice setting, hmmm? Reminds me of the Russian set epic movie Dr. Zhivago with Julie Christie…we have found our modern day Julie!! Go, Russia VOgue!!

  11. its a beautiful image
    lighting very summerish, angel of shot, model’s pose and the model
    silver dress is not perfect for this type of covers

  12. Icone…Mito…Figura Épica no mundo da Moda moderna…sensacional…incrível…

    Concerteza mais apta para ocupar a posição de número 1 do ranking (lara Stone por mais andrógina e diferente que possa ser não tem os longos anos de carreira de Ms Poly).

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