Sharif Hamza Tackles Racial Identity in 10 Men

For an industry that was under constant criticism for its lack of racial representation until just a few years ago, fashion has made rapid strides towards diversity in recent seasons, with each year seeing more and more non-white faces than ever before. Photographers, stylists, editors, and other insiders have begun to speak out as well, often bringing personal experience to bear when discussing the importance of reflecting a range of beauty from the international world we now live in. The British photographer Sharif Hamza‘s latest feature for 10 Men Magazine places the issue of racial identity front and center, with a cast of striking variety dressed in the season’s kickiest streetwear by Tara St Hill. “I grew up in London and in the early Nineties became obsessed with all the great fashion magazines. I loved all the monthly mags and dreamed of shooting for them yet I never felt that I was represented by them,” Hamza explains. “Although it does seem like things are progressing in terms of representation, it is still slow and often feels like the ticking of a diversity box.”

The feature, with an accompanying video below, is an extremely personal project for Hamza, who is quick to acknowledge the support from an independent magazine like 10 Men to achieve his vision. “The editorial is titled Self Portrait because it’s a reflection of who I am and it’s my way of reflecting the faces that look like mine and my sister’s,” he says. “Tara and I casted people of various mixed ethnic backgrounds. They have a mix or Middle Eastern or Asian heritage but, like me, their British upbringing has played a huge part in shaping their culture.”

Director – Sharif Hamza | Stylist – Tara St Hill | Hair – Teiji Utsumi | Grooming – Laura Dominique
Models: Isaac Ainsworth at AMCK Models (London), Leo Bhanji, Sammer Dahan, Tarek Elseidik, Haris Khan at Tomorrow Is Another Day (Cologne), Benjamin Lessore, and Moses Singh at IMG London
Director of photography – Evangelos Polychronopoulos | Sound recordists – Ollie Drummond and Taz Fairbanks | Set designer – Sophie Durham | Casting director – Simone Schofer | Producer – Callum Walsh @ Rosco Production | Editor – Richard Cooperman @ Wild Child

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