ODDA Magazine Celebrates Being Yourself

Fashion has always been known for going off in its own direction, an attitude celebrated in the new Spring 2018 issue of ODDA Magazine, which commemorates its sixth anniversary with six covers and the theme of “Queen Be” (as in being yourself). Lindsay Lohan photographs her brother Dakota for one cover while the icon Sharon Stone graces another. Inside the issue, Steph Wilson (Photographer) and Georgia Tal celebrate floral eccentricity and Taylor Freeman finds warmth in the winter cold while Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov and Kathryn Typaldos celebrate teenage energy. Model and DJ Sita Abellan captures Kim Kardashian while Kelia Anne and Sean Knight celebrate the enduring archetype and Diego Villarreal and David Martin celebrate the variety on offer this season in a collections feature. As the new year kicks into full gear, ODDA provides a vigorous and varied vision of the new individuality taking hold across the industry.

Take an exclusive first look at the issue below.

Dakota Lohan | Photographer – Lindsay Lohan | Stylist – Lisa Jarvis

Jordan Barrett | Photographer – Alana O’Herlihy

Kim Kardashian | Photographer – Sita Abellan | Stylist – David Martin

Arjen Talsma and Valery Kaufman | Photographer – Raul Hidalgo | Stylist – Georgia Tal

Sharon Stone | Photographer – Cameron Postforoosh | Stylist – David Martin

Valentina Sampaio | Photographer – Diego Villarreal | Stylist – David Martin

Klara Kristin and Morgan Nakhisa | Photographer – Mehdi Sef | Stylist – Gemma Bedini

Julie Hoomans | Photographer – Juliette Cassidy | Stylist – Georgia Tal

Lululeika Ravn Liep | Photographer – Steph Wilson (Photographer) | Stylist – Georgia Tal

Otto-Valter Vainaste and Liam Young Foster | Photographer and stylist – Taylor Freeman

Luka Isaac | Photographer – Vito Fernicola | Stylist – Diletta Bonaiuti

Kim Kardashian | Photographer – Sita Abellan | Stylist – David Martin

Willow Hand | Photographer – Kelia Anna | Stylist – Sean Knight

Sarah Fraser | Photographer – Diego Villarreal | Stylist – David Martin

Leonardo Scotti | Stylist – Georgia Tal

Younes Bendjima | Photographer – Diego Villarreal | Stylist – David Martin


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