Save The Day Part 4

Kate Moss by Corinne Day. 1990.

This just arrived in our inbox from London from the incredible people banding together to help Corinne Day as she fights her illness. The one with Kate in the headdress is one of my favorite images ever taken of Miss Moss and became the cover of The Face magazine in July 1990.


“We are so happy to present the final prints available for the Save the Day campaign. As this is the last set to be released we are presenting 2 prints for purchase. There will be a limited edition of 300 of each print and as before they are on a first come first served basis. They are numbered and authenticated and as before they are £100 each. Should you wish to continue buying Corinne prints after this sale please contact Jackie at Gimpel Fils on +44 (0)20 7493 2488.

Corinne and Mark would like to pass on their sincerest thanks to everyone for supporting them through this difficult time, for your kind thoughts and for you generous donations. They are currently based in Buckinghamshire and Corinne, after undergoing DMSO IPT-LD treatment in Arizona is currently undergoing specialist treatment in London. She is awaiting test results on this treatment to check the efficiency of it and to further develop her treatment plan. It will continue to be an ongoing battle and we will continue to update you.

A donation will be made to the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust who has become the largest dedicated brain tumour charity in the UK and the most significant funder of laboratory based brain tumour research in the country. They fund high quality research and support patients and their carers. They continue to help find a cure for this devastating disease.

If you would like to buy either print please fill in the attached form and email it to

Many thanks for you all your support and our BEST wishes over the festive season.

With Love

Corinne and Mark

Carole, Paul, Kate, Karl, Neil, Georgina”

See the other prints, here and here.

  1. Jeremy Dante,

    For such an august self-styled fashion “guru” you really have very little knowledge of fashion history.

    These photos of Moss, from the Face’s Summer of Love editorial both launched her career and changed and shaped the landscape of fashion forever.

    Perhaps before you shoot your mouth off next time you might actually research and engaged brain?

    Moreover, as beautiful as Moss was this is about Corinne Day, the photographer? Heard of her? And her courageous battle against cancer and these inconic snaps are in aid of raising funds to afford her the treatment she desperately needs.

    Fashionistas, hey? What you gonna do?

    P.S. She doesn’t look like Behati Prinsloo here, Behati Prinsloo looks like she used to.

  2. Becca,

    These photos just sum up why Kate when she was on her game, at the start of her career was such a phenomenon. There was simply, absolutely no one like her, nor had there ever been, even Twiggy, the only other real one-girl fashion phenomena was more contrived and manufactured. Kate, a young Kate will stand forever as a singularly brilliant and revolutionary moment in fashion. Juergen Teller in 2005 said it’d been about five years since she’d taken a good photo and sadly it’s true, the Kate we have now is a dim, distant echo of the Kate who exploded into our consciousness in 1990s Summer of Love.

  3. good god tamara call down!
    she probably WAS too young to take topless photos.

    anyways im no fan of moss, but these are cute.

  4. Mari,

    Please don’t tell me to calm down or even call down. She was 16 here and it’s hardly porn. These are more than “cute” these photos are iconic, they heralded in a new era of fashion.

  5. tamara is the only one making sense.
    we wish corrine all the love in the world.
    no fan of moss… but these are cute…jesus..
    This is an iconic image which defines the era of grunge etc….
    Mari go back to sleep.
    a xxx

  6. Sixteen is not to young to pose topless. At that age in the U.K she could have sex, drink alcohol [beer, wine, cider] & a whole bunch of other things …

    Yet people get upset by a 16 year olds breasts? Stop being so puritanical!

  7. Tamara baby. You do need to chill out. So you are a big fan of Kate Moss…..we get it. So am I. But everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    And if you ask me, sixteen is too young to pose topless. Just like it SHOULD be too young to do all those other things that Eva mentioned.
    But Kate does look awesome.

  8. There’s a reason that history is a required course in school. It is so important that the new generation of modeling/fashion/photography fans are aware of all the points that Tamara makes. To only exist in a bubble of the here and now is very short sighted.. but I think that the true fan will appreciate the education.

    And for the poster that told Tamara to calm down… this is what makes what I do so enjoyable.. the ability to connect with other passionate followers of the industry, so thank you Tamara!

    Here’s a link to the tFS thread about that issue..


  9. happyhappy,

    Please don’t patronise me. No, I am not a “fan” of Kate Moss, especially the woman she has become, but I am very much in love with the image and fashion ethos that this groundbreaking editorial ushered in. Kate then, yes, I adored, and how exactly do you define topless? These images are not pornographic and indeed it’s salacious prurient mentalities such as yours that deem these inappropriate. I think we need to declare a moratorium on people commenting on things they know nothing, nothing about. Nuff said.

  10. I think the amazing thing here is that something as (some would say) “shallow” as fashion photography is actually helping a person to battle a horrible illness. Who cares if Kate was too young for these pictures, I think I’d recognize child pornography if I saw it and this is not it, and I don’t think she regrets having these pictures taken (I think she would if these were offensive).

  11. Wow, at least there is proof that MDC does not screen the comments submitted. Power to the Tamara’s, Betty’s and educated people in the world, your cause is just and beautiful.

  12. tamara, i never said they were porn! you came in here guns blazing over something as little as someone saying “she looks to young to take a photo topless” their opinion. i think 16 is still too young to be posing topless, iconic fashion era or not. you don’t. does that make my opinion lesser then yours? no. it just means we don’t agree. no need to get so worked up.

  13. Hey Tamara, I would hardly class myself as prurient or salacious. However i totally recognize your point.
    But you still need to chill out lol…..:)))

  14. Mari, this is getting silly now. You want to uphold a position of moral superiority and you’re using this forum and this issue to grind your axe. This is not the place, indeed I very much wonder if you even believe what you’re saying – fashion is rife with young women AND men baring flesh.

    If you have a problem with breasts being shown by young women, or sexualised images which are NOT pornography, then might I suggest you avoid all magazines, editorials, advertising throughout all of the world except perhaps in Islamic countries operating under Sharia law.

  15. Go Tamara, set that mari straight to her place. Lol.

    So, Tam, who’s your Top 3 favorite models of all time? I’m curious to know, since you seem knowledgeable and passionate about models, bashers and all.

  16. moral superiority? lady you are crazy. all i said was kate was probably too young to pose topless. in fact she herself once said that she was often forced into doing it when she was younger.

    i don’t have a problem with breasts being shown by women, i do, however, think fashions obsession with young women is a bit ridiculous. again, my opinion. you don’t have to agree with it. but you came in here overreacting to something you didn’t agree with, and you got called out on it.

    may i suggest taking a deep breath, and realizing that this is just fashion? we all have diffrent view points and for you to suggest that we’re puritanical, shouldn’t post, or don’t believe what we are saying all becuase it’s diffrent than what you think is absurd.

  17. My fave three… hmmmm.

    All time fave 3:
    Jean Shrimpton
    Linda Evangelista
    Gia Carangi

    Fave 3 for specific era/fashion movement:
    Kate Moss (1989-1995)
    Twiggy (1966)/Penelope Tree (late 60s)
    Grace Jones

    Fave 3 Current girls:
    Lara Stone
    Karen Elson/Malgosia Bela (I know they’ve been around a while)
    Amanda Moore/Meghan Collison (can’t decide)

  18. Mari, it was the posing topless that made her the sensation she was – would she have traded all she achieved for a bit more modesty? What do you think.

    The most specious part of your argument comes in not appreciating what these images were reacting against and what the adolescent Moss represented.

    Until this moment you’d had the 70s/early 80s blonde glamazons, the Tiegs, Brinkleys, Hansens, Hemingway which gave way or existed beside a chicer darker aesthetic in Iman, Jones, Carangi, Dickensen, Rosie Vela etc

    Then mid to late 80s the aesthetic changed slightly from Marpessa, to De La Fressange and of course the supermodels.

    At no time was fashion NOT womanly, or an idealised unattainable form of womanhood and then came Kate.

    It’s interesting to note that this editorial was shot in 89, went to print in 90, just as the frenzy of supermodeldom was taking hold, even at that time waiting in the wings was a new aesthetic, a more catholic one – a presience that people wanted and needed a change something they could connect to and with.

    Mari you say you have a problem with young girls, well until Kate fashion wasn’t about girls it was about unattainable views of woman. Kate represented a rebirth of what being an icon of beauty could actually mean.

    You had this snaggle-toothed girl, laughing innocently on the beach, dressing up in thrift store clothes, not caring how she looked (seemingly) and at ease with that gawky transitional body. It was as if she was saying “yeah, I’ve seen the pictures of Christy, Linda & Claudia in the magazines, I don’t care, this is me.”

    And then of course the point of Kate, she’d stop smiling, look directly into the camera and suddenly you were looking at the most beautiful woman in the world. There is only one word I can think of to properly describe her beauty at that time, that face and that is “ravishing.”

    Mari, I never said you’re not entitled to your opinion, but your opinion is meaningless if it’s just bias not reflected or backed up by any form of fashion history. You don’t understand the context of these photos or their importance in terms of what it actually meant for the representation of imperfect forms of beauty and womanhood.

    Without Kate I very much doubt that women such as Stella Tennant, Kristen McMenamy, Cecillia Chancellor, Emma Balfour, would have had their moment – these images opened the doors and that can still be seen today by the type of woman who is a model.

    That’s why I take exception at the glib dismissals of your posts, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  19. Wow Tamara is on fire!!! Luv it!

    It’s true. Before kate, the archetype of beauty is Va va voom. ….you got this healthy perfect and womanly girls like all-american Cindy, the barbie doll perfect Claudia, the smoldering Sofia Lorenish Linda, the Amazonian Naomi, the curvy Christy, femme fatale Tatjana, the original Victoria’s Secret girl Stephanie Seymour…….
    and along came Kate and introduce us to another side of beauty.

  20. i think tamara suffers from super fan syndrom…

    i can’t believe how young kate looks here! really shows you how much she has aged. and does anyone know the latest on corinne day? is she expected to make a recovery?

  21. And I think duffy suffers from sub literacy syndrome. I am not a fan of Kate Moss, I am a fan of this period of fashion history. There’s a difference and snide idiots making crass and inane comments won’t detract from the fact that a lack of knowledge is nothing to be proud of.

  22. Funny how no one seems to point out that Kate Moss is SUCH a great friend of Corrine that she hasn’t seen fit to give her the 100,000 she needed…. which is one campaign fee for her…

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