Bits & Bytes: Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana


Madonna by Steven Klein for Dolce & Gabbana S/S 10, goes back to her and the label’s Mediterranean roots. Read more about the campaign at (Image courtesy of our friends at d Management)


Naked Isabeli Fontana? You heard right. Made in Brazil has some beautiful pics.

We always knew Helmut Lang was visionary but this Time Magazine article reminds us why. See why the fashion shows as we may know it may soon be gone.

Brazilian boys line up for the shows, check. And if you haven’t voted yet for your hottest Brazilian boy, click here to vote.

Roxanne Lowit: 30 years in fashion, 1 million pictures later.. her backstage book at Dior looks like another must buy for us this holiday season. Read the Times interview with her about Tom Ford spraying Kate Moss backstage.

New, sort of, agency in Chicago.. Jane Stewart who headed Elite for 28 years opens Factor Women.

Nick Knight may just be the hardest working man in fashion right now. He shot 25 people in a row ! Speaking of Nick, he’s at Selfridges today signing copies of his amazing book.. get down there now!

The lovely young American model, R’el Dade interviewed by Ponyryder. Find out where she got her name (hint: think Disney).

  1. she looks amazing but i dont get why using Klein for a concept that s been done by Meisel 20 years ago alredy for the lebel..klein doesnt convoi the same glamourus sex appeal

  2. Looks like D&G is going for old people this season. Look at the ad, it would have been so much better if they use Abbey Lee or Freja Erichsen. Consider Kate Moss next time if you want to go for ‘older’ target audience.

  3. Ew Madonna is disgusting. Why does she keep getting booked for these ads? Those photos look nice but she doesn’t actually look like that anymore…

  4. She looks amazing! Love the whole Italian cinema vibe they were going for…..can’t wait to see the rest of the images.

    Thank god D&G is using “old people” in their ads, since they actually are the ones who can afford to buy their clothes.

  5. Steven Meisel did this already! He should have been hired to shoot this campaign…he would have at least made it much more sexier!!! All that retouching spoils the look. I like them returning to their roots, but this we have seen before, even all that prop styling! DONE!

  6. I wish she could realize getting older is beautiful…pictures are great but I feel sad she changed her face this way

  7. Hey everyone- don’t forget there’s a model search going on at I don’t know what exactly votes count for, but you should, anyway!

  8. I dont agree with all the hate but she certainly was not left to look like herself. After so much re touching it appears as though they recreated her face and turned her into Debby harry rather than leaving her as herself.

  9. Huh.. Madonna is looking better than ever, she looked like shit for the last few years, and I don’t mean she looked like shit because of her age or anything, she just looked like she didn’t care about her appearance (those arms..). Now she looks all sexy and womanly, and I saw some other candid pics of her the other day and she looked good too so it’s not Photoshop here (it does help that Klein is the photographer, he makes everyone look good).

  10. Oh, and after those horrible LV ads I would’ve never thought I’d like seeing Madonna in my magazines again.

  11. The more I look at this picture the more it becomes year 2010 with all the nostalgia that comes along with it. I enjoy looking at this advertising

  12. At this stage still Madona is sexy, beautiful and youg looking among young girls.My uncountable kisses and love for her.

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