The Supermodel Gaze

Natalia Vodianova appears in the inaugural issue of FAT Magazine (Fashion, Art & Type) wearing only a Marc Jacobs feathered hat. Inside the supermodel is photographed by fellow icon Helena Christensen and reveals her thoughts on fashion, family and the continued longevity of her legendary career.

Natalia Vodianova by Helena Christensen for FAT Magazine

  1. The picture is so cool,love it…and Helena seems a good photografer,so cool 2 models working together,one at model and the other as photograf hahahah

  2. natalia… she brings art in any photo.

    she seems so warm on every photo that i’ve seen from her.

    helena really did a good job…
    well, when she has a perfect model.

  3. natalia’s eyes. you can imagine a story here instead of just a cool shot. i feel like she truly embodies what a model should be and do for fashion and art <3

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