Flower Girl

Vogue China kicks off the new year with a light and floral January cover starring, Kendra Spears. Shot by Lachlan Bailey and styled by Jonathan Kaye, the editorial is simple, effective and beautiful : a lovely girl surrounded by a sumptuous garden of flowers in bloom, it doesn’t get much prettier than that.






Kendra by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue China | Scan by kazaf @ tFS

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  1. So very beautiful. The first image and the cover are intoxicating. Floral orgasm a la Viktor & Rolf
    She’s like a cross between Cindy Crawford and Hilary Rhoda with some of Emina’s grace and elegance for sure.

  2. GP …you’re so right. Something about it just doesn’t seem fitting for Vogue China. But a still an AMAZING editorial. This girl is beautiful. Im thinking that Victoria’s Secret forgot to give her a call because she would have been a great addition to that high voltage commercial. she’s effortlessly sexy.

  3. i read Vogue China and i was really confused with why Kendra was on the cover… usually it’s a huge supermodel or sth for the jan. issue. But the pics are really great, great way to start the year!

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