DYKE_ON is the new fashion magazine dedicated to lesbians

Issue zero of the majorly worthwhile DYKE_ON is here and already it’s the best of its kind. Probably because there isn’t much like it. It’s exactly what it says it is. Frustrated at too little representation, Editor-in-chief of the mag, Rain Laurent, writes in her editor’s letter, “DYKE_ON aims to offer all women, straight and gay, a powerful, intellectual sense of style that celebrates the sensibilities and aesthetics of lesbian culture.” That said, the inside offerings should be enjoyed by just about anyone who likes fashion, art and literature. Photographer Rebekah Campbell directs her lens towards the queer community of Downtown New York, Monika Mogi portraits her friend Saki in Tokyo, works from Katerina Jebb and American figurative painter and advocate of queer politics Nicole Eisenman are explored, plus a lot more. Zero was assembled by friends and doers from all edges of fashion meaning this publishing is strictly personal. A lot of cool people. Preview the brand new magazine below!

Images courtesy of DYKE_ON via Sasha Melnychuk

Harmony Boucher by Rebekah Campbell

Sara Cummings by Rebekah Campbell

all models in editorial Harmony Boucher, Lily Olsen, Zoe Bullock, Sara Cummings, Sofia Fanego, Katerina Tannenbaum, Adele Taska, Lissy Trullie by Rebekah Campbell

Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski and Léa Escudie by Christina Abdeeva

Saki by Monika Mogi

By Katerina Jebb

Lily and Maud by Niklas Bergstrand | Stylist Laetitia Giminez


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