1. lara s for sure one of the few real last top but is it possible all magaizne can come out s another lara isse…seriusly?

  2. Gosh Neo! You took the words right outta my mouth. Lara has definately crossed into that realm of supermodeldom, in its very essence. There has not been a model in a while to command covers and editorials for a while. Not to mention her famous flair for being ‘vuluptuously’ sexy. She is at the top, of the pack of working girls right now. Bravo Lara!

  3. Love Lara, she looks amazing here, body to die for . I hear the next issue is a model special.. Can’t wait for LOVE !

  4. i love lara, buy maryna is right “thank you photoshop” and anyone who has seen her in person will know the truth in this statement. isn’t it time to stop using photoshop so much??

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