Marc Jacobs for the model obsessed

For those who can’t wait to see the pics on Style, NY Mag, etc… The Imagist has the lineup of the always anticipated Marc Jacobs, live from the Hiss Squad. Familiar faces back on the runway Jamie Bouchet, and Miss Emma Balfour: Partial lineup on The Imagist

The beautiful Brazilian Aline Weber/One Management, current IT girl, closes the show!

A look at the board backstage: Pics from Made in Brazil

Emma Balfour/Elite NY showcard S/S 09.

  1. i can rember to seen her before. is she new?
    her look is really strong: like developed woman, not a child or a teen, wich i always support and love.

  2. Emma’s an older model from Australia and was working in the 90s. She worked a lot, particularly editorial stuff and all but quit to focus in writing.

    Welcome back! A regal and ethereal presence.

  3. Damn right she looks more mature, she’s 40! how amazing is she!! Oh how I love her… She was one of the biggest grunge models in the 90s, probably the biggest after La Moss. She grew up in a travelling circus with her Mum and is absolutely amazing always. Still blows girls over 20 years her junior out of the water!

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