Homme Star

Vogue Hommes Japan hits newsstands with a bang. Hedi Slimane’s Samurai Fiction story is an electric mix of avant punk sensibility and tradition. Nicola Formichetti’s inventive styling takes the pictures to the next level while Models 1’s rising star Ash conveys the best of the Slimane aesthetic.

Ash by Hedi Slimane, Styled by Nicola Formichetti for Vogue Hommes Japan, Image from Nicola Formichetti Blog

  1. oh, i have waited for this one!!! ash is on the cover? hedi is a genius!
    florian p. has editorail inside, no? you shoould post florian. he is a an excellent new face.

  2. mike is totaaly rigth ans i m sorry to contradcit ryder..but unfortunly the ex dior head can only repeat over n over again his stereotipy…n also it really dont look like vogue..but just soem kind of dazed or id..that s where the stylist is coming from….so jovnile

  3. Japan is a country of many contradictions and yes they are caucasian obsessed. After all, Western culture is the basis of their contemporary counter-culture.

    For such an attractive race they have a surprisingly low presence on the modelling scene (most of the Asian models are Korean and Chinese). It’s something agencies could work on. However I think “ashamed” is too strong a word because it’s more complex than that.

  4. Really.. it’s a pity! Although the cover is good but still.. i prefer the japanese themselves put theirs on the cover..! They should be proud by using their own race for, at least, the first cover.. because i, myself, is an asian & i’m proud being it!!

    If ashamed isn’t the right word.. how about “obsessed”? No offense to the Japanese & Caucasian, but i think they really over-rated the white people/culture..

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