Madeline Rocks!

Madeline Kragh, is having a moment. As one of the featured faces on IMG’s online reality smash Models.Live Kragh is experiencing the thrill of being both a rising star in the modeling industry and a web-celeb. catches up with the down to earth Indiana stunner to talk about the upcoming season.

MDC: I saw the Models Live clip of you meeting Sasha P, it seems like you really follow modeling. Who are your other favorites?

Well, Sasha is really my all time favorite. Kamilla who is also at IMG, is another one and Irina Lazareanu too of course – those are the girls I love.

MDC: How have your castings been going?

They’ve been going really well – I’m so excited! I’ve been over in Europe and in Australia and I’ve really been waiting to do New York so it’s great to finally be here.

Madeline Kragh – Image courtesy IMG Models

Madeline Kragh – Image courtesy IMG Models

Austria, Madeline and Cato, The Models.Live team – Photo MDC

  1. Madeline is awesome. I’m loving Model.Live. You should give everyone the link!

    if you haven’t seen it, watch it now!

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