The London Look

Fashion moves at the speed of light! The September Fashion Week festivities may have just kicked off but it’s already time for October issues. The inimitable Kate Moss graces British Vogue in a elegant yet offbeat combination of sequins and an anorak – a little bit classic, a little bit grunge – pure Kate.

Kate Moss for Britsh Vogue – scanned by Northern Star

  1. BLAND, BORING?!?!?!
    I DONT understand why they use her anymore
    same expression every time.
    i must say if she was to start now there would be no chance of her been a top model.
    in this time girls have to work so so hard to become the top of the crop


    she’s amazing cos she still looks the same as when she was 16, imagine lasting soo long in an industry known for “one season girls” for sooo long, without re-inventing or changing your look.

    she’s brilliant

    stay rad

  3. she could be “the one” supermodel of this century

    no matter what’s on her or doesn’t, she possesses an unique mystical very characteristic connection with the camera/us that still manage to captivate us.

    that’s why you still see her rocking campaigns left and right

    if I were a major brand looking for a model/face to stand out in the crow Kate would be the one.


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