First Look: Re-Edition

The seventh and latest from Re-Edition Magazine keeps up its tradition of nontraditional. Basically a how-to on cheekiness and cool composure mixing the very masterful with the very muse-ful. Not one-dimension, just like its multi-covers, 3 previewed here all by some of the most-interesting makers; Collier Schorr, Colin Dodgson, Johnny Dufort. Also in this preview, just as mentionable editorials by Walter Pfeiffer (Art + Commerce) and Eloise Parry.

Amandine Renard by Collier Schorr | stylist Jodie Barnes (rep)

Lara Stone by Colin Dodgson (Art Partner) | Stylist Vanessa Reid (Streeters London)

Sveta Black by Johnny Dufort (Management + Artists) | Stylist Lotta Volkova (Management + Artists)

Paul Hameline by Walter Pfeiffer (Art + Commerce) | Stylist Robbie Spencer

By Eloise Parry | Stylist Lotta Volkova (Management + Artists)

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