First Look: Narcisse Magazine

For Narcisse Magazine‘s 6th issue, the task was simple enough: nude. The order becomes more obvious–more decidedly understated, less naked–the moment seeing inside any of the 5 cover stories that star the likes of Emily DiDonato, Luma Grothe, Lucky Blue Smith and more. “Nude” celebrates the untampered, untouched and the color itself and done so respectively by each of the magazine’s image-makers with undecorated restraint. Exclusively preview the covers and inside the issue below.

Alessandra Ambrosio by Yu Tsai (Cartel & Co) | Stylist Cat Wennekamp | Makeup Kathy Jeung | Hair Stylist Giannandrea | Art Director Rene Gloor

Daphne Groeneveld by Aingeru Zorita (De Facto) | Stylist Azadeh Zoraghi | Makeup Steven Canavan (L’Atelier NYC) | Hair Stylist Rudy Martins | Manicurist Kelly B (De Facto)

Lucky Blue Smith by Marcin Tyszka (ONIRIM) | Stylist Rene Gloor | Makeup Damian Garozzo | Hair Stylist Helene Bidard (Paris: ArtList Paris, New York: ArtList)

Emily DiDonato by David Roemer (Atelier Management) | Stylist Azadeh Zoraghi | Makeup Frankie Boyd (Streeters New York) | Hair Stylist Nicolas Eldin (Art Department)

Luma Grothe by Damien Krisl (Cadence) | Stylist Rene Gloor | Makeup Morgane Martini (The Wall Group) | Hair Stylist Jean Baptiste Santens

All stories cast by Amy Lowles

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