Freedom in Intersectionality

Eight fresh, but familiar, covers arrive in the form of METAL Magazine 37th issue. Just having celebrated ten years in independent magazine publishing, the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of the transatlantic biannual not-so-subtly references some of the most memorable images in fashion history like Alexander McQueen for “The Face” or Leonardo DiCaprio clutching oversized lips. Here, those and more, are revisited in a modern lens by up-and-coming image makers to make an unmissable statement on image consumption in the new world. In addition, topics on Gucci‘s Alessandro Michele and Vetements highlight how far western society has come in accepting the diverse personality types and far from norm looks. Interviews with photographer Oliviero Toscani of Benetton ad fame, former The Face creative directors, Lee Swillingham & Stuart Spalding, artist Gavin Turk. and ​designer Glenn Martens ​from Y/Project round up a stellar roll out focused on reinvention in all its forms .

See the exclusive preview of Metal 37 below and pick it up on newsstand today!

Text by Derrick Gaitér

Photographer – Alice Rosati | Art Director – Domino | Stylist – Rogelio F. Burgos | Hair – Christos Vourlis | Makeup – Yvane Rocher | Models – Palina Zavi, Domino, Martin L, Sami Y, Paul Manniez, Nastya Skaia, Jeremie Trojman, Assa, Mia Quinn, Zacharie V, Nassim G, Nicolas Boeuf, Theo Spitz, Jason, Linda Novotna, Paul B, Remi Laforet, Serena M., Ilana Davies, Harold Vente, Asger Wollmer

Photographer – Piczo (We Folk) | Stylist – Tess Yopp | Hair – Yuko Setoyama | Make up: Athena | Model – Jordan

Photographer – Steph Wilson | Styling – Peghah Maleknejad (Saint Luke Artist Management) | Hair –Yusuke Morioka | Make up – Lauren Reynolds | Models – Evangeline, Chen (Storm)

Photographer – Mehdi Lacoste | Stylist – Jeanie Annan-Lewin | Hair – Johnnie Biles | Makeup – Gina Blondell | Models –  Kiki, Romee, Karin, Mathilde, Yvonne, Emily Viviane

Covers— Lindsey Wixson by Gabriela Celeste; styling by Lisa Jarvis | Yuri Pleskun by Steph Wilson; styling by Peghah Maleknejad (Saint Luke Artist Management); make up by Rebecca Wordingham (Saint Luke Artist Management) | Sarah Abney by Anna Alek; styling by Marcela Jacobina; hair: Shinya Nakagawa (ArtList); make up: Allie Smith | Joana Preiss by Noel Quintela; styling by Audrey Taillee (Milan: Atomo Management, Paris: Atomo Management); hair by Asami Maeda; make up by Hugo Villard | Paul Boche by Jana Gerberding; styling by Mine Uludag; grooming by Patrick Glatthaar; set designing by Studio Leonardo Papini | Photography by Ben Lamberty (De Facto); styling by Romina Herrera Malatesta (See Management); hair by Jerome Cultrera (See Management); make up by Deanna Melluso (The Wall Group) | Vincent Beier by Emmie America; styling by Caroline Harbro (Scoop Artists); hair by Line Bille (Scoop Artists); make up by Gitte Guldhammer (New York: BRIDGE Artists, København: Scoop Artists) | Marina Perez by Biel Capllonch; hair and make up by Sonia Pena.

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