1. Yes, those young guys bodies are like sculptures…….especially marlin t. Totally unattainable.

  2. I agree Lila. The two look a lot alike, but I wish Constance was a smidge taller though. Nonetheless, she is/was so the girl of 2009, no?

  3. Constance is strikingly lovely. Nobody has mentioned it, but I thought Brooke Shields right away. This photo shoot HAD to be chanelling a younger Brooke Shields, in her 80s Calvin Klien blue jeans:” Nobody gets between me and my Calvins.” Gorgeous.

  4. Can someone give Arthur Sales a job??? I their I a male equivalent of Gisele its him. That Brazilian Boy is as close to perfection as it comes……and wow, he is the most talented and skilled in modelling. The way he pose and comtorts his body is just undeniably Blue Chip. Youtube him….he’s gonna be huge. I’m surprise that model.Com hasn’t given him some coverage. Give that boy some love M.C

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