First Look: Scandinavia SSAW

Always pristine. Always poetic. Scandinavia SSAW Magazine finds inspiration from the natural world for its 11th issue, “Realness”. The publication’s signature–fresh, honest and reverential visuals–are abundant. As are new and old contributors. Boo George, Maciek Kobielski, Marcus Ohlsson, Benny Horne, Philip Messmann and more take pause to give idyllic portrayals of extraordinary beauties like Vivien Solari, Vanessa Axente, Lou Schoof, Hedvig Palm and Harleth Kuusik. “Tales About Our Nature” inscribed on the cover hints that this is more about a way of living than it is fashion. Take an exclusive first look below:

Vivien Solari by Marcus Ohlsson (London: D + V Management , New York: D + V Management, Stockholm: LUNDLUND) | Stylist Aurelia Donaldson (London: D + V Management , New York: D + V Management)

Harleth Kuusik by Philip Messmann (Cameralink) | Stylist Emelie Johansson (Paris: Bird Production, Stockholm: Linkdetails)

Hedvig Palm by Benjamin Vnuk (Stockholm: LUNDLUND, New York: Jed Root) | Stylist Oscar Lange

Lou Schoof by Boo George (London: Streeters London, Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York) | Stylist Oscar Lange

Vanessa Axente by Benny Horne | Stylist Margherita Moro

By Maciek Kobielski (Creative and Partners)

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