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Critical reflections are revealed in the latest issue of Schön Magazine. Issue 32 stars the incredible Ajak Deng, photographed by Alexander Saladrigas, whose cover story partakes in a study of fluid body motions and surreal reverie. Ordering in the likes of Jason Wu, Jil Sander, Rick Owens, and Versace, stylists Jimi Urquiaga and Noah Diaz pair up to accentuate Ajak’s gracile form. Opposite of this dreamlike wonder, Oskar Gyllenswärd sees a new way to convey patriotism with fashions chosen by Marianna Frannais, featuring British beauty India Tuersley. The picture of strength and liberty, hair and makeup gurus Brady Lea and Amy Conley refresh an old-time allure with golden ringlets and graphically sketched eyes in the midst of global political frustration. Last but certainly not least, extraordinaire Lauren Wasser is brilliantly captured by Brian Ziff and tells-all on finding inspiration after being afflicted with toxic shock syndrome.

See the latest of Schön Magazine below.

Text by Derrick Gaitér

Photographer – Alexander Saladrigas | Stylists – Jimi Urquiaga & Noah Diaz | Art Director – Dfernando Zaremba | Hair – Shinya Nakagawa (ArtList) | Makeup – Kento Utsubo | Model – Ajak Deng

Photographer – Oskar Gyllenswärd | Stylist – Marianna Frannais | Hair – Brady Lea | Makeup – Amy Conley | Model – India Tuersley

Photographer – Brian Ziff | Stylist – Douglas Vanlaningham | Hair – Preston Wada
Makeup – Mynxii White | Model – Lauren Wasser

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