Dark Shadows

No one does tough and sexy like, Iris Strubegger : Mikael Jansson, taps into Iris’ dangerous side for Vogue Italia, in an editorial that dazzles. Dressed in body conscious leather and lace by stylist, George Cortina and given free reign to show off those dynamic poses, Iris makes this story her own. Note how cool and in control she looks, even with a boa constictor dangling from her neck.






  1. Wow Iris is amazing, she doesn’t even look like she does most of the time, her face looks so soft and pretty here.

  2. She is just amazing! There’s your avante haircut inspiration for 2010…
    It just donned on me how awkward it’ll be now that we can no longer verbalize ” 09′” or “0” anything for a current year…
    I mean…you can’t just say “10”…you know?
    Now it’s ” S/S-F/W twenty-ten”…blech!
    Anyway, loving Iris right about now.

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