Belle de Jour

As anticipation for warmer weather buds from what was quite a merciful winter season, the first notes of springtime ring courtesy of Love Want Magazine. Issue 12 fronts beaut Karlie Kloss with her signature foxish gaze, one of many wonders captured by Bec Parsons: Hannah Bennett, Lily Nova, and the twin sister singing sensation Say Lou Lou all rock out stunning fashion cues by stylists Jessica dos Remedios, Heathermary Jackson, and Meg Gray. Also, contributors Stevie Dance and Nagi Sakai reveal moments of intimacy with industry risers Lameka Fox and Isabella Emmack. What more could you (love)want?

See the exclusive preview of LoveWant 12 on newsstands now.

Text by Derrick Gaitér

Photographer – Bec Parsons | Stylist – Jessica dos Remedios (Chris Boals Artists CBA) | Makeup Sam Addington (Kramer + Kramer) | Model – Karlie Kloss

Photographer – Stevie Dance (Home Agency) | Stylist – Amanda Pham | Model – Lameka Fox

Photographer – Bec Parsons | Stylist – Heathermary Jackson (New York: FRANK REPS NY, Los Angeles: FRANK REPS LA) | Makeup Sam Addington (Kramer + Kramer) | Model – Hannah Bennett

Photographer – Nagi Sakai (De Facto) | Stylist – Catherine Newell-Hanson (Home Agency) | Model – Isabella Emmack

Photographer – Derek Henderson | Stylist – Alex Robertson-Dunlop | Model – Lily Hutchinson

Photographer – Bec Parsons | Stylist – Meg Gray | Miranda + Elktra of Say Lou Lou (Milan: Next Milan, Miami: Next Miami, London: Next London, Los Angeles: Next LA, New York: Next NY, Paris: Next Paris)

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