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Steven Meisel has a sense of humor and every so often it emerges on the pages of Vogue Italia : the December issue is a tongue in cheek send up of Twitter, social media and the perils of online exposure. Beginning with a hilarious tweet from the master himself, the editorial is filled with fun little moments : from Abbey Lee Kershaw climbing into her fridge to Kristen McMenamy jumping on a trampoline with her dog, the whole story is priceless.



Agyness Deyn


Christy Turlington & Natasha Poly


Abbey Lee Kershaw


Naomi Campbell & Sasha Pivovarova


Linda Evangelista


Jamie Bochert and Hanne Gaby Odiele


Karlie Kloss


Lara Stone & Kasia Struss


Anna Selezneva


Gisele Bundchen & Natalia Vodianova


Freja Beha Erichsen & Viktoriya Sosonkina


Kristen McMenamy


Karen Elson


Sessilee Lopez


Meisel Pic, Vogue Italia | Scan by Diciasette at tFS

  1. I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOVE this! About time, lots of humour and character and originality. Wasn’t expecting this thanks to that cheap-looking cover, but this editorial is worth it! Kristen, Karlie, Linda and Natasha are great, but Abbey just nailed it.

  2. This editorial has got me more excited than anything else I’ve seen this past 12 months! I NEEEEEEEEDDDDD IIITTTT!!!

  3. Abbey Lee is HILARIOUS! She HAS to be this funny in person.

    I absolutely adore Sessilee Lopez and her classic style – bringing back the supermodel – scratch that – SUPER DUPER MODEL.

    Enough said about the models, Meisel is a freakin’ genius and has his finger on the pulse of what is relevant to today–which makes this editorial a “must-have.” Can’t wait to get it!

  4. Nice looking ed. Surprisingly better than the trashy cover.

    – Linda looks so cute and happy. I loved her pic.
    – Don’t like Karlie, but her pics were very nice.
    – Christy’s pics look seriously weird.
    – My girl Karen could’ve gotten some better shots.
    – Natasha’s pic is freaky. In a really bad way.
    – Kristen and her dog are hilarious.
    – What happened to Deyn’s hair? It looks really bad. Not just in these pictures, but in a general way.
    – I hate how Gisele seems to think that the whole freaking world is crazy to see her baby bump. Talk about self importance…

  5. Sorry Gracie, but it seems that the whole world is freaking crazy about giseles baby. Just take a look at the “paparazzi” photos in the net. And i think that she is right: privacy is beatiful. She is beautiful; She is the one. I love all of them. Great Editorial.

  6. Chance- Steven dosnt seem to like any of the asian models, its one of the things keeping us from seeing an asian model make it really really big like the black and white girls

  7. I love this! Some people hate Meisel but you gotta admit he’s got a lot of creativity and his work still looks fresh. I mean some could say Terry Richardson takes similar pictures but with Terry sometimes it seems like he’s trying too hard, Meisel is authentic, and thank God for Vogue Italia cuz we’ll never see anything like this by him in American Vogue.

  8. First thoughts; Agnes looks soo much better with black hair! Supermodel, a real deal now. Abbey Lee Kersaw is everythign a model should be, she has the bangin body of all times and the prettiest sky colored eyes…finally, Natasha Poly is a goddess. Stunning, all of three of them!

  9. Great editorial, brings out all the discussion on private life and celebrities… don’t come in better time. love vogue italia, is always ahead of the time. couldn’t image other publication doing that. talking on the pics, gisele is fucking pretty and no words for the muses abbey and natasha… they are hot… and karlie ways fun. love, love, love that!!!

  10. I love Karlie’s and Linda E.’s!!! I’m really a huge Karlie fan! She’s really going to become the next SUPERmodel!!

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