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Few magazines can top Vogue Italia for sheer inventiveness : the December issue’s completely left of field Twitter-themed cover, threw us for a loop but there is something ingenious about its concept. Steven Meisel, never fails to be on the pulse of what is happening : Twitter is the most talked about website of the year and tweeted pictures of celebrities have become headline news, so a social media-centric cover seems timely. The cover also serves as an intimate showcase for some of our favorite faces : Christy Turlington, Gisele Bundchen, Natalia Vodianova, Lara Stone and Kasia Struss, are all featured in pictures they took themselves, this marks the first time models are at the helm of a VI cover and the first cover for the lovely, Kasia.


  1. i didn’t get it and i hated it.. now i get it, and respect the idea, but it’s still inexcusably ugly.

  2. they all look stynning as only Meisel (even if is not one of my fav ) can do…(but i dont really like Natalia )

  3. I LOVE it. I wish I could produce something half as good as this at American Vogue. It’s unusual, unexpected and simple.

  4. good intention, poor execution in my opinion. i’d even go as far as to say that this looks amateur. i thought this was fanmade for a while…

  5. Horrible cover. It looks like a cheap collage. I could do better than this and I’m no professional. This was a great way to waste a good cast. They could’ve done a fantastic, creative cover with Christy, Lara and Natalia. Could do without Gisele (I know I’m the only one, but I never got what is so great about her) and Kasia (she’s too green, in my opinion). I agree the intentions were good, but the execution was atrocious.

  6. I think, collage could be better… but it´s a great idea I like Gisele and Natalia´s pics… I´m going to buy this mag

  7. Would have loved to see the Christy shot alone as the cover… the rest I could live without. I respect the idea and see where he is coming from, however, it simply does not work for me, and apparently I’m not alone in my sentiments.

  8. it’s Italian vogue so this is a suprise but boring. They could do better. I like everyone on the cover but Natalie looks the best and other is like normal girls you pick up from the street, nothing special.

  9. it looks lazy to me.
    the typo …ugwy
    just because of “steven is doing it”, everyone thinks it’s wonderful and “right this moment”. if a new photographer would do it, everyone would say “boring”.

    VI is known to be much further than the crowd, not with things of today and they are going along with a hype, instead of creating one ;-(

    we need VI as a trensetter not as a follower.

    ..just an opinion

  10. i actually agree, the cover looks cheap and ugly somehow.. but it works!
    it should recreate the twitter-theme and so the simpliness of how the picture look like and how they are put together is just right. it looks interesting, i like the ugly look, refreshing somehow.
    but yeah, the next cover should be made by more effort again..

  11. I agree with Rad. The “Meisel is doing it” factor makes people assume this is the most inventive thing ever. Honestly, if a new photographer did it, most people would call it amateur and cheap looking.

  12. Interesting comments… I actually love the cover. Cool concept. The only thing that’s throwing me is the twitter text.

    In reference to the Meisel statements..The fact of the matter is that Meisel is very very well established and we already know the greatness that he’s capable of. He is allowed to do something like this and have its creative angle understood by those who understand such a vantage. So yeah, if someone new did this, it wouldn’t blow over so well.

    It’s not the greatest cover ever but it has a solid concept that isn’t a complete slave to its theme.

    Btw, Christy absolutely owns this cover! I don’t see what is SO great about Gisele here..seriously. Though, she does look nice.

  13. Kasia makes this for me

    I think it’s a fun idea..something new and different…c’mon people, loosen up..how many stuffy boring covers can you look at in a year…something different comes up and everyone thinks its horrible??

    the “meisel twitpic” font/text kills it for me.

  14. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a really good cover. The theme I don’t quite get, but I love the photos, and they look very natural for a Meisel photo.

    KASIA! I love her photo so much!! Everyone else did fantastic on the cover too, as usualx

  15. Gisele and Christy own this. my eyes go straight to them. they are both so amazing. also Natalia is great! I like this idea.

  16. lol. I kinda really like it. Weird, semi-tacky, moody 60s vibe going on. Christy and Lara looking WILD here!!!

  17. A rough and ready, hand made, guerilla style cover, and I like it. I wouldn’t really like it every month, but now and then inventiveness is fun! WE live in the twitter age,and seeing models in an undone, style is cool. As for Gisele, I do not think she is “beautiful”, nor is she edgy enough for Italian Vogue. Christy Turlington has really lost her looks, and appears very matronly. The best girl is Lara Stone. I would have liked to see Tanya or Karlie KLoss too.

  18. Rebecca…Christy Tulington has lost her looks?? may be the most INSANE thing ever written as a comment on this site EVER!!!! Anyone who has ever laid eyes on that woman knows she looks as beautiful now as she has 20 years ago. Seriously can our comments on this site in general be constructive criticism?

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