King Kong’s Grand New Heights

From Great Britain comes triumphant King Kong Magazine with six bold covers. The printed matter, which hits newsstands on October 4th, features daring photography by Bon Duke, Alexandra Leese, David Dunan, Emmie America, Jenny Brough and more whose masterful sights bring forth the best in models Soo Joo Park, Tina Veshaguri, Irina Liss, Lina Berg, and Japanese actress Nana Komatsu, among other noteworthy talent. Fashion and beauty in this biannual goes big: fashion editor Jimi Urquiaga, hair stylist Joey George and makeup maven Morgane Martini take Soo Joo further in a 2nd editorial that crafts her into the ultimate vision of subversion donning Issey Miyake, The Blonds, Marc Jacobs, and DKNY.

Check out why the magazine is causing such a frenzy down in our preview below.

Text by Derrick Gaitér


Photographer – Bon Duke (Art + Commerce) | Stylist – Adele Cany | Model – Soo Joo Park


Photographer – Bon Duke (Art + Commerce) | Stylist – Jimi Urquiaga (De Facto) | Model – Soo Joo Park


Photographer – Alexandra Leese (Saint Luke Artist Management) | Stylist – Andrej Skok | Model – Lina Berg


Photographer – Kevin Mackintosh (Serlin Associates) | Set Designer – Daryl McGregor (Lalaland Artists)


Photographer – Motihiko Hasui | Stylist – Ayaka Endo | Model – Nana Komatsu


Photographer – Emmie America | Stylist – Oxana Markina | Model – Tina Veshaguri, Irina Liss, Polina Oganicheva, & Nina Serebriakova


Photographer – Jenny Brough | Stylist – Peghah Maleknejad | Model – Robyn Fitzsimmons, Bille Turnbull, Lewis Taylor, & Isabella Bowering


Photographer – David Dunan | Stylist – Danielle van Camp | Makeup – Lucy Bridge (Streeters London) | Model – Litay Marcus

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