First Look: Beauty Papers

Covers by Tom Johnson & Derek Ridgers

Third time is certainly the charm for the bi-annual cosmetic celebration, Beauty Papers. Makeup artist and Editor-in-Chief Maxine Leonard brings back the glossy where beauty reigns supreme for an unabridged exploration of the makeup that is far from safe. Titled “The Movement Issue”, contributions from a gang of creatives like Ben Hassett, Paul Maffi, Isamaya Ffrench, Rudi Lewis, Lisa Butler and many more bring intriguing visual perspectives that all have an element of artistic extreme.

Are you ready for a change? Step into a new arena of painterly cool with this exclusive sneak peak below.

000-000 BeautyPapers#2_Cover-2-Ben Hassett.indd
Ben Hassett (Management + Artists)

000-000 BeautyPapers#2_Cover-6-Jake&Dinos.indd
Jake and Dinos Chapman

000-000 BeautyPapers#2_Cover-5-Paul Maffi.indd
Paul Maffi



Photographer – Derek Ridgers | Styling – Way Perry (The Wall Group) | Hair – Raphael Salley (Streeters London) | Makeup – Maxine Leonard



Photographer – DKacper Kasprzyk | Styling – Oliver Fussing | Hair – Rudi Lewis (Management + Artists) | Makeup – Anya de Tobon (Linkdetails) | Models – Marie Fofana & Cassy Barrett



Lula by Lisa Butler (Bryant Artists)



Photography – Tom Johnson | Creative Direction – Theo Adams | Stylist- Nick Royal | Hair – Soichi Inagaki (Saint Luke Artist Management) | Makeup – Isamaya Ffrench (Streeters London) | Nails – Imarni (Saint Luke Artist Management)

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