1. OK i thrilled for Liu Wen

    i am disappointed in Victoria’s Secret

    Why after so many decades do you only reach out to Asians in a recession? And why this model?

    i like Liu. She has a good height on her and her cheekbones can cut glass but when i think of VS i think of womanly ladies who are sensual and sexy. Liu isnt really any of those things

    Why not Du Juan? or Hye Park

    And if Ai Tominaga was sexy enough for Tom Ford and Gucci VS should be a cakewalk right??

    So confusing to me

    Anyway congrats to Liu Wen, she is a big star. She also has some big campaign going on but no one knows what it is.


  3. DID I MISS SOMETHING VS???….must be the terrible editing!!!…I did NOT see Liu Wen walk the VS runway!! WTF VS??? WHAT GIVES??…enlighten me ppl maybe VS’ focus this year was on the 10 newbies vying for a space to walk with the Angels….VS didn’t even bother to introduce to the world the newly hired Angels…VS 2009 should go down as the WORST VS show ever!!! 2005 was STILL BY FAR the BEST and it went downhill from there =(

  4. To Rodney,
    I have met, interacted and photographed backstage all of the girls you have named: Du, Hye, Ai and Liu. I will tell you one thing, VS absolutely made the right choice. The other girls are beautiful but there is a vibrancy and warmth that Liu has that is perfect for a show that demands as much personality as this show. There are also different kinds of sexy and as much as I like Ai, her understated elegant aura would be lost on that runway against girls like Heidi, Alessandra, Doutzen and Chanel. Liu has a stunning smile that is also extremely genuine, you can feel her excitement about life.. The other girls def don’t give you that in person. Her agents love her, clients love her and I for one am a big fan. Getting to walk VS was a major coup and she deserves much acknowledgement for it.


  5. I just thought the whole model search thing took so much away from the show that it seemed super rushed this year. I barely saw Liu.

    All one can do is hope that the VS executives will learn that the public tunes in to see their models first and foremost period. The set, the entertainment and music is second-best to the girls.

    WOULD’NT IT BE GREAT IF VS WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR BRING BACK THE SUPERMODEL!!! And all they have to do is put a lower third graphic under the model when they walk out with their name and where they are from to pique the audience interest. This can be done tastefully. The closest we get to that now is the announcer mentioning some of the girls names as they are about to walk out on `the runway.

    Don’t do segments only about the Angels either, we know who they are. Focus on them but tell us about ALL of the new girls and why you chose them – what have they done – where have we seen them before. Use the time wisely to PROMOTE THE GIRLS and they will build your brand once again.

    The whole model search should have aired as a separate show before the runway show to build interest and suspense before the show actually aired.

    I also wish there was a pre-pink carpet show that was aired and not just on the websites.

    Also, let ALL the girls walk the pink carpet so we can get to know them better and see what they are wearing – not just the Angels and not just on the web. It would be great if there was a pre-pink carpet show like the pre-coverage of the Academy Awards Show.

    I loved the Black-Eyed Peas too! Lady Gaga would be an interesting choice too.

  6. I loved when Liu she stopped and danced with one of the BEP’s. Her and Aminata stood out most to me as the most lively and genuine, as opposed to the other girls who were so predictable with the kiss and wink ( or even the move were both their arms are out doing the “come on” hand gestures to pump up the crowd). It was also pretty cheesy when the crowd in the pit started doing choreography.

    @AngelEyes: Good idea. They should focus on all the models and not just the main angels.

  7. Watched the show on Youtube. The show was a mess, I prefer the the last few years.
    Shame that Liu only had one outfit. Abbey Lee steals the show.. sexy, cheeky and fun:)

  8. Rodney: How can you even put Hye’s name down? Hye is a 150% editorial from head to toe. Liu has the smile and charm that VS needs like how the girls who always strut the runway are cheeky and playful and spontaneous about life. Du is still a little editorial not really on the pretty pretty side but the ugly pretty side. Liu is definitely pretty pretty and also editorial. It’s almnost impossible to find a top working asian model to replace Liu because she has a balance of both commercial appeal and ediotrial appeal.

    Liu is LOVE! FTW!

  9. SOOO AWESOME, THANKS BETTY!!! Liu is GORGEOUS!! it is a shame that she only got to represent 1 outfit, but she rocked it nonetheless…all the girls looked HAWWWTT!!! LOL

  10. I’m Asian so GO Asian models! But honestly, for her to be walking down that runway between the rest of them, it did not compliment her at all. Maybe VS should have waited for a more curvy Asian topmodel to come along…
    BTW Anna J was just angelicly gorgeous! why the hell did she get just one outfit? And why Isabeli F has not been promoted to Angel is beyond me

  11. -alvin

    Du Juan on the “ugly pretty” side?? I think Du Juan is the single drop-dead gorgeous asian woman i have ever seen to be honest. She is perfect, her face is immaculate and pristine

    also i mentioned Hye and Du because in their polaroids they seem to fill out their bra better lol.
    also their body language is more sensual

  12. agreed with Rodney 100%!!!!!!!!! Liu is high fashion runway material, not lingerie, come on! it’s obvious they put those metal thing to hide her flat body. there’re loads curvy beautiful Asian models in Asia, so if they really respect Asian beauty, please pick one from Asia!!! Asian is beauty is so much more than the usual look that’s from the Western perspective, ok!!! we want to see curvy sexy Asian beauty in lingerie!!! seems VS just rush into the whole ‘look at us so cultural diversified’ to get some publicity since the show is rather boring this year! very dissapointed indeed! hope they try better next year!

  13. I agree, I think they could have found an Asian model with a little more oomph, and a bootie and breasts. They exist. Instead of that silly nationwide “model search” they should have looked through some comp cards, and found a non famous, nameless volutpous Asian girl and made her a star. This model is a little cold to me, a little editorial. VS did not do the work.

  14. i think we can debate about this oevr and over again but VS chose liu afterall. so that tells a lot. and it’s not one person from VS that chooses liu. it’s a freaking group with good taste and they know what’s best for VS duh that’s why they work for VS. they know what’s VS>

    and LIU is VS!

  15. I agree. The more I look at Liu, the more I think they DID make the right decision…I spoke too quickly against VS. if they picked another girl, everyone would call her fat, if they pick this one, everyone calls her flat chested. YOu can’t win! Let’s embrace diversity however it comes, in the lovely Liu

  16. Are you guys nuts??? Liu is freaking gorgeus and her personality, along with candace, Chanel, heidi, Miranda doutzen…are really shining Through that night!!! Liu is a perfect choice! When I said their personality. ….it means that they are really having the time of their life and confident and genuine and having fun!…..most girls there , specially one dark haired veteran, seemed lifeless, bored? And looking a little man-ish and plasticky…..there’s no more twinkle in her eyes, that once made her so captivating!

    Back to Liu. ..Girl, you broke barriers and paved the way for more Asian sisters!!!

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