V MAN’s Three Lovers

Bruce Weber and stylist Paul Cavaco combine forces again after some twenty years for the September issue of V Man. The team delivers nothing short of what you’d expect from such respectively prolific players: This time it’s a story of literary proportions–that is Weber found his inspiration in the pages of Hemingway, saying, “I was inspired by Ernest Hemingway stories like ‘A Farewell to Arms’, and imagined a military love story: in this case, Jules and Philip falling in love with Luna…” Following her August Vogue Paris cover, Luna drew the attention of the photographer who here cast her as the focus of the three-way romance. Cavaco delivers fall’s most military looks–here Tim Coppens, Marc Jacobs and Todd Snyder–broken down and styled up. Preview the story exclusively on Models.com before the full story debuts.

Images courtesy of V Man

Jules Horn, Luna Bijl and Filip Wolfe by Bruce Weber | Stylist Paul Cavaco (Jed Root)



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