Wear With All

The latest issue of Qvest, features the always intriguing Irina Lazareanu on its cover wearing a what appears to be a technicolor fur hat and matching pink blazer. On another model, this combination would be outrageous but as always, Irina makes it work. Henrik Bulow‘s colorful pictures and Simon Rasmussen‘s eclectic styling, combine to create a story that captures Irina at her most versatile: dressed in neon wigs, gift wrap, packing tape and loads of Margiela, Irina shows she can make absolutely anything look compelling.





  1. henrik bulow’s images yet again remind me of terry richardson’s snap-shot style. but why not, i kinda like them.

  2. I think she loose confidence cutting her hair…She has interesting looks but I feel like she doesn´t understand her new character.
    The first pic is beatiful

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