La Vie En Pose

The new issue of Tush Magazine, is all about high octane glamour. Txema Yeste‘s photographs, show a new side of Katie Fogarty, casting the All-American beauty as a femme fatale. The ultra-chic theme is pushed even farther by Belén Casadevall‘s dynamic styling: we would have never thought to layer Blumarine and Alaïa but it works perfectly.





  1. last photo very isabelli for in one of the latest F/W ad but i forgot what it was for.i know she was wearing black.

  2. It’s wrong that a cigarette has been photo shopped onto the photo of Katie. She’s 17 – and it would be illegal for her to buy cigarettes in both UK and USA.
    It’s not cool to smoke.
    My daughter is with the same agency as Katie, I’d be furious (to put it mildly) if anyone ever did the same thing to a picture of her. My mother died from lung cancer 9 years ago – she never got to see her grand daughter on the pages of British Vogue – because she smoked.

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