1. Her chocolate skin against the beach is just art. Every time I think we have seen good Arlenis work, she comes and tops herself. So feminine and so seductive even if it’s utterly simple. Wonderful!

  2. no u dont. its amazing. Akrans manages to do a great image outdoors which i find rare. She brings sensibility. and i love the lighting.

  3. They all look like Arlenis to me, too.

    She’s looking great! She has a really nice vibe to her, nothing so horrific.

    And her arms look “thick” in the 1st and 3rd photos because we’re all used to seeing models who are way too thin; meanwhile, THAT’S what healthy, sexy arms actually ALWAYS LOOKED LIKE!

    Arlenis Sosa and Lara Stone body type FOREVER! lol

  4. im very proud of my friend!!!! im happy for her cuz she is growing…end she do that with her heart n god… with that everytings can be perfect! love u Arlenis from DR!!!!! OUR COUNTRY

  5. yeah i agree Arlenis Lara Isabelli body type FTW! who say models with the original supermodel curvy body type can’t work it in high fashion.

    anw last photo looks like jourdan to me, anyone reckon so too?

    and the body poses is just stellar.

  6. beautiful pics, specially the last one, arlenis is an amazing model great discover, thick arms?dont be ridiculous,it most because of the angle,arlenis body is just perfectshe has strong long arms and legs, there are amazing skinnier models out there,but also curvier like lara and others are spectacular,i think even more curvy models should be scoutted,models like that have a lot to offer

  7. Arlenis is a spectacular young woman. She is continually laying the nay-sayers to rest!

    This is a wonderful edit and very cool that it was shot in the primordial-like gem that is T&T.

    @Debby.. it’s a bit of foreshortening and perspective going on there..attributed to the warping effect rendered upon the image by angle..

    In the last shot, her face reminds me of both Jourdan and Lyndsey. But ultimately the image reminds me of a shot of Naomi Campbell from around Jan. 07′ . I have the image but don’t know where it’s from..

    BTW, have you guys caught Arlenis in the new David Yurman ad?! Wonderful!

  8. I agree Nigel. Arlenis just reeks of money in the ads, which goes to show that black girls can do everything too, and quite well. Just seeing Arlenis grow from those first Vogue edits to now makes me want to see her grow even more, right to the pinnacle of high fashion, when we can open any fashion mag and she is front and center. I’m still waiting for the right photographer/designer/editor to feature the ‘Fearless, Feirce Four (Sessilee, Chanel, Jourdan, Arlenis) altogether in a big ‘blue chip’ campaign (Versace, Cavalli, Louis), or Vogue (I vision the lovelies together on a Vogue Paris cover, or for Ms. Wintour.) THAT WOULD BE SICK!!!! It’s about time now, don’t you all think?

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