Celebrating Mario Sorrenti

Along with the subscriber’s copy of the Hearst magazines came a surprising and splendid supplement commemorating Mario’s career with Hearst publications. Sean Murphy interviews Mario. For the interview and online version of the portfolio, click here.

With Angela, Kate, Coco, Gemma, Gisele, Shalom, Nadja, Milla and Natalia, it’s a veritable visual smorgasbord of supermodels.

1997: Angela Lindvall. Ph: Mario Sorrenti, image from 30 days of Fashion

  1. No is Sasha in the portfolio supplement commemorating Mario‚Äôs. The model is Gemma WARD… a estas alturas y todavia confundiendo a Gemma y a SAsha????????

  2. Ugh, you are right,Fernando! I made the mistake that someone like me should not make… I guess it was the heavy makeup… Making changes to the post!


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