The Supermodel as Mogul

When just your name attached to a project will guarantee coverage on all media fronts, you have officially become a Model Mogul. These are some of our favorite top 4 MM: Tyra Banks (her TV shows), Kate Moss (her collections for Topshop), Gisele Bundchen (her line of swimsuits and her acting) and of course everyone’s favorite German, Heidi Klum (Project Runway and pictured below, her line of premium denim for Jordache). Welcome to the new breed of supermodels.

Ph: for Jordache F/W08

  1. i think that all the models should have business in their had, othervise what is the point. bravo for this women. i like that i finaly used a word women and not girls… go tyra!

  2. Heidi Klum is genetically perfect, and her body is flawless. Heidi’s body looks fantastically superb since she haas had children; she has flattened her stomach back, and the fat from pregnancy is well toned out.

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