1. He’s too Rico Suave for my taste…

    The way he pout his lips on the cover is way too force. ..I like a relaxed sexy confidence. .. plus he looks old.

  2. He has a sexy face but a bit skinny on the cover.
    I agree with ambiguous that he force his lips like Ben Stiller in Zoolander….lol

  3. i wanna know what a happened to DAIV, one of two original “finalists” who couldn’t make it to London b/c he didn’t have a passport whom VMAN/Showstudio said they would fly to the US to shoot who was never heard from again. come clean V/ShowStudio/Ford please.

  4. He’s quite sexy. The cover is pretty dramatic. Nice to see Vman mix it up for a change…

    Why he is “too Rico Suave” while other male models who pose in a similar manner aren’t “too Rico Suave”? Is this term given credance due to the fact that he’s latin? Label him Zoolander (as GP did) like you would any other male model who over-pouts (which Rico isn’t doing). His mustache is giving extra definition to his upper lip which is why some of you may think he’s over-pouting.

    Lol..”Rico Suave”…I don’t see a buttoned down dress shirt exposing a (hot) hairy chest w/ rolled up sleeves and chino’s..

  5. I often wonder if it’s 12 year olds who post here … Some of the comments are ridiculous.

    “No comment” …. Well if he’s not worthy of a comment then DON’T comment at all! Grow up!

  6. its vman right? so maybe he shouldnt have arms like a girl and the overall physique of a stick figure

    good face tho

  7. its funny how they just “make” super models… hmm lets see who do we like today? well we havent had a latin guy in the forefront in a while so lets throw this guy out there!

  8. Well Eva…this site is about models. And we are the fans. We can post what we like and what we don’t like…why would you censor our opinion?

  9. the term Supermodel has been so over used in the industry as of lately that its pretty much meaningless at this point

  10. I’d take him as a “latino supermodel” over Jesus Luz any day. At least he doesn’t have a butter-face.

  11. DAIV was one of 2 finalists. When he couldn’t make it to London b/c of passport issues, VMAN said they would dispatch Nick Knight to USA to shoot him and a winner would then be selected. Instead, the contest was re-opened, another “model-off” was held, and we have this guy as the winner. What happened to DAIV? I am not Daiv, nor am I affiliated with him — I just want to know why neither of the 2 original winners as announced was the final winner. VMAN? Ford? Nick Knight?

  12. He is a handsome guy but to me he doesn’t have the appeal of a supermodel. He lacks the wow effect imho. Sorry to his fans!

  13. Handsome but VERY boring. There were many men in the vman contest to choose from and rico came out the winner? He is handsome, but model.. we’ve seen this beauty before during the 90’s. I know that everyone is tired with gorgeous looking guys. Male modeling needs some spice like (for the girls) Agness Deyn, Ranya, Tao, Irina L… these girls are not the typical “beautiful” girls but they sure are more interesting. We need this in the men’s division!!!!

  14. he told me his name was rico suave when i took pictures of him and his friend at fort lorderdale beach aha… funny how things happen 🙂

  15. lina says:
    November 19th, 2009

    the term Supermodel has been so over used in the industry as of lately that its pretty much meaningless at this point
    Thank u very much Lina the reason I nickname myself “roll eyes”. It totally makes me sick how the word Supermodel is being thrown around these days I find it disrespectful to the REAL Supermodels who have intrigued people, who have worked INTERNATIONALLY with the best, and made a name for themselves
    and Yes Zoolander is what first comes to mind!!!

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