You can’t beat the supermodels. It has been more than 20 years since the supers first appeared on the scene, yet they retain their inimitable presence. The Winter edition of i-D is all about timelessness and Kayt Jones‘ cover of Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen and Claudia Schiffer (all @ 1 Model Management) illustrates the theme perfectly. The simple black and white shot of the trio looking like goddesses, showcases the beauty and undeniable it factor that have kept all three at the top of the heap for so long.

Now that you’ve seen our exclusive preview of the cover – what are your favorite Eva, Helena & Claudia moments?


Eva, Helena and Claudia by Kayt | Exclusive for MDC with a Special thanks to One Mgmt

Ph: Kayt Jones
Editor:Pippa Vosper
Hair: Ed Moelands
Make up: Hung Vanngo

  1. eva and claudia look a bit crazy, with their one eye closed. it looks like they struggled to keep the one eye closed and the other open. lol, helena looks beautiful.

  2. Crazyness… Look at them! Unreal. The three look so comfortable and they’re modeling as one unit. Each giving the same level of pop and sultry. Hands down, one of the absolute best covers of the year!

    I could not single out any one favorite moment for either but I’m liking them more now than ever before. They know something now that they didn’t realize so much before and it’s highly evident. Let’s glorify the real talent and stop elevating some of these new girls who couldn’t stand the test of time.

  3. So nice to see Helena, she looks so lovely! I wonder if the reason she’s covering her eye is because she can’t blink? LOL. Great cover!

  4. i lyk em all but wats so good bout eva herizgova??!?? she wasn tan original supermodel no one new her name, im waiting for da big five cover NAOMI,CINDY,CLAUDIA,CHRISTY,LINDA i dont kno y they dont include cindy, she was a big mainstream model (the biggest supermodel) but she had alot of HF background. she needs more credit

  5. I love this cover!!!

    Eva looks a bit weird, but Helena and Claudia look absolutely amazing.
    These are real women. Not those 16 year old clothhangers…

    More of this! Simply love it!

  6. I love Helena. It’s facinating how she still can be one of the worlds most “spoken of” models. This is a sick cover, but what irritates me, is that Eva lookes like she lost focus, a little bit borred and unfocused. For me this picture misses a redhead beauti. They should have chosen Lily Cole instead of Eva. I love Eva but, that would be sick.

  7. Lily Cole? If ever it needed a redheaded beauty, Ms. Jones would’ve tapped Karen Elson!
    These are legends.

  8. its a black and white picture so there is no redhead, and typicaly redheads are not hot! srry to say karen elson is not a atractive supermodel not da type, she duznt deserve a supermodel name, and this cover is SO SEXY!

  9. @ Sam: I’m baffled about Cindy, too. Her name was bigger than the others but now it seems fashion doesn’t want much to do with her except for the occasional cover and editorial.

    Eva looks fine, she just seems to be looking in another direction. I think the average viewer isn’t going to care because the focus is really on the bodies.

    I’m in awe at Claudia’s body. After how many years and kids…?? She actually looks smaller (espcecially in the breast area) than she did in the early 90s.

    Helena looks simply divine.

    These girls – or women – are the Meryl Streeps of the fashion world. I have to give them props for continuing to do what they love to do. And they still do it well.

  10. HOT HOT HOT!!! I so want this issue…The hair, the face and the body. The best cover for 2009. Glaudia is the best but all of them are just so super, cant pick one.

    When are we going to see all of them like Linda, Naomi, Cindy and Christy in one cover?
    Hopefully Vogue will do that soon….

  11. Oh. And Helena’s hair looks HAWT and GORGEOUS…I love the dark smoldering green eyed beauty between the two blondes.

  12. my favorite Claudia Schiffer moment was one of the Guess jeans ads where she´s posing like a Diva surrounded by photographers and more recently the cover of Vogue Germany where Claudia, Julia Stegner and Nadja were shot together! Very iconic!
    the 3 ladies look superb! Helena looks so good, she has the body many women wished they had 20 years ago, when the supermodels used to rule the runways.
    I miss the good old days when airbrushing wasnt so evident and the model´s skins were all flawless – well, not at all!

  13. Gustavo, I missed that one. (Vogue Germany cover.) Janelle or Betty, time to save the day. 🙂 Anyway, I think these are three mature, sexy ladies. I like it. However, the concept makes me think of them in a sorta ‘cougaresque’ way. 🙂

  14. for anyone who is ignorant enough to make a comment about the models with one eye close should either do their homework or LEARN!!
    Having one eye closed or one eye covered is a trademark for iD Magazine..

  15. Just seen editorial… OMG it is soooooooooooooooooooo sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…

    sorry in my previous post by blinking I meant winking…

    Helena can wink! You can see her winking on the covers of i-D May 1992 … and GQ Italia October 2008 …

  16. Cindy Crawford’s name is still legendary in the modelling world……her business empire is epic. During her reign she’s the biggest. ….like Gisele.

    Don’t use her name in vain. Amen.

  17. I think Cindy is doing something for British editions of GQ and Harper’s Bazaar… and she did get some big covers recently too…

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