Living Legends

Classics never go out of style, they simply get better with time – the same can be said of male modeling’s legendary faces. In the latest V Man, Josh Olins shoots Alex Lundqvist, Marcus Schenkenberg, Joel West, Brad Kroenig and Tyson Ballou, in the season’s strongest denim looks. The boys manage to look just as cool as the day they were signed, quite a feat in an industry obsessed with youth.




Images courtesy of V Man Magazine.

  1. Oh please “shepherd!!!” You would give your right arm to look like these men… or for your boyfriend to look like them! It’s so easy to have a an opinion when you’re hidden behind your computer! SAD!

  2. Looking at this makes me wish Marcus S., and Tyson Beckford in his absence, did more on the edit and campaign front. He looks damn good to be 40+ years old. Overall, this edit looks pretty good. Keep on keeping on fellas.

  3. “too old(yuck)__”

    You sound unbelievably immature.

    Brad is like 30. Tyson is early 30’s & still stealing campaigns right from under the guys in their 20’s. As for Alex, I’ve seen him quite a few times & he looks amazing & much younger than his actual age.

  4. I see no reason to have Brad Koenig here…because OH MY GOD, this guys are the closest thing in earth to heaven! Let’s bring back all this violent beauty! Luckly we can enjoy Tyson often, but Marc, Marcus, Joel, Alex…I wanna see Andrea Boccaletti, Jason Shaw, Jason Fedele and Johny Zander!

    Love love love you boys

  5. those guys are still rocking! its great to see Joel! What an amazing man, face looks good, abs lood damn fine! i have to agree with LauraMars: id love to have jason fedele and jason shaw! those two are my truly all time favorites!

  6. Don’t you have to be around a bit more than a handful of years to become a modelling legend?

    Marcus and Alex, yes. The others, not so much.

  7. i always feel like josh could and should do more with these men. they are really versatile – which is why they became supers – and none of that is explored and truly exploited here. ps: i’m all for more men and less boys in fashion!

  8. I dont get brad and rj…Tyson i can see mixed with other supers but where is mark van der loo, jason lewis, jason shaw, hoyt richards, greg avedon, jeff alquion, david boals, michael bergin?? its shocking that a magazine like v man cant seem to see beyond brad rj and tyson.

  9. Hello everyone,
    This is just a preview.. who’s to say that the other guys that are not here, are not in the actual editorial.

    Also, for those of you not familiar with booking models: it’s possible that when this was shot, a certain guy could be booked on a big trip out of town… or could be based in another city and couldn’t make the shoot.

    We give you a taste of what’s to comebut there’s always behind the scenes reasons about all shoots.

    Also David (above comment), as far as I know Brad and RJ are still working and Jeff Aquilon, David Boals, Michael Bergin are not doing big modeling jobs anymore (if they are even modeling, at least I don’t see them anywhere). So shocking to you but reality to us is that time marches on and who was big in the age of yesteryear may not even be relevant for this day and age.


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