Full View: Transmission Presents

For the sixth issue of Transmission Magazine creator Dylan Forsberg┬ánavigates the murky waters of independent publishing, taking his personal project and redirecting its efforts towards presenting an intimate selection of newcomers. With the help of casting director Barbara Pfister, Dylan himself simply photographed a list of 21 rosy-cheeked faces a la polaroid: unadorned and upclose. All of this to the effect of a deeply personal experience, a sentiment that hasn’t changed since the freshman issue. He begins this issue stating, “As a former model myself, I know how frightening starting out in modeling can be,” going on to say, “It’s easy to lose your identity when assuming so many others…so try not to change too much.” The newsprint magazine, which comes out today preluding New York Fashion Week, is the third issue under the label “Transmission Presents”, and is a nod to this crop of glowing girls like Alexis Primous, Hyun Ji Shin and Shaughnessy Brown before they hit the casting cycles.

See the entire issue here:

  1. I’m glad they to be American and English girls, and diverse faces, because are the future. Eastern Europe and Russia, nothing new.

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