Pumping Iron

You can always tell a picture by Terry Richardson, the iconic photographer blends humor and sex in a way that no one else can. Terry brings his tongue-in-cheek style to the new issue of VMan, with an editorial filled with 80s kitsch. Garrett Neff,Nate GillCory BondTanner Tillung and Grayson Gettys, lift weights, jump rope and show off those perfect physiques, but Terry keeps things lighthearted. Bonus points: Mel Ottenberg‘s wonderfully campy styling (cutoff t-shirts never looked so good) is straight out of the Olivia Newton John Physical video.






Images courtesy of VMAN

  1. Too HOT to handle. Letting alot hang out there!..

    It reminds me of “Non-Stop Ultimate Pumping” by Steven Miesel for Vogue Italia June 06. which was a killer edit. Could’ve been straight out of the 80’s.

    Great job by Terry, I love how vivd his photos are. His photography gives the body such texture and dimension.

    Cory Bond is out of control! I passed by him a couple months ago…the man is seriously beautiful.
    “G. Neff” is quite flawless too. And Nate is great.

  2. Garret Neff is such a total cutie pie. Granted, his physique is not anywhere near as Adonis-like as they photoshop him to look in CK ads, but he’s still such a cutie in a boyfriend kind of way.

  3. “Cory Bond is definetly the hottest guy in this editorial”

    You obviously haven’t seen Garrett Neff in person, he’s stunningly beautiful.

    Cory is definitely handsome but I think he’s just a ‘not as handsome’ version of David Gandy.

  4. @ Jason
    Garret body was not photoshopped. He had an extreme diet and worked out a lot just for the Ad. You can search videos on youtube to see it.

  5. these just aren’t my type of guys. for some strange reason, overly muscular men don’t appeal to me as much. the second photo kind of grosses me out. i don’t know…

  6. These pictures are soooooo hot!!! it got me wet for a second… hehe… but seriously, Terry’s pictures are ever-amazing… he reminds me a lot about Juergen Teller… their pictures are always so provocative and would never go out of style…!

  7. glad to see cory working again. killer smile, eyes, and attitude. garret doesn’t do it for me either, though he is very pretty. fun editorial over all.

  8. They really don’t look that muscular. Garret’s body in real life (and as shown in these pics) is VERY different from the trick editing that they use to portray his body for the CK ads. I love him though, regardless. He’s such a sweet and beautiful guy.

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