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We called it a casting coup when Details assembled ten top models for the cover of their March 2014 issue, but they’ve outdone themselves for Fall, with a grand total of thirty-one outstanding faces appearing on the front of the new September issue out today. Longtime favorites like Brad Kroenig, Mark Vanderloo, Gabriel Aubry, Tyson Ballou, and Will Chalker are joined by newer faces, from Clark Bockelman and Daisuke Ueda to Arthur Gosse and Jackson Hale, photographed by Mark Seliger and all dressed in Calvin Klein’s different lines by Matthew Marden, with casting by Edward Kim. The accompanying feature within shows off the wide range of options for Fall, from slick suiting to sharp sportswear. Chalker proves his enduring appeal with a solo feature in sophisticated suits photographed by Greg Kadel and styled by Bill Mullen, while photographer Michael Schmelling and stylist Annie Psaltiras take on the season’s edgy knits in an athletic feature starring pro skaters Christian Hosoi and Haden McKenna. And Fall may be the season of colder temperatures and cloudy skies, but to prove it’s not all gloomy weather, Christopher Griffith and Marden celebrate the brighter side in an editorial starring Abiah Hostvedt and Kendall Harrison in vibrant outerwear. Take a look at our preview of the new issue below.

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Photographer Mark Seliger (Management + Artists) / Stylist Matthew Marden (De Facto) / Casting Edward Kim
Models  Adrien SahoresAlex LundqvistArmando CabralArthur GosseArthur KulkovBrad KroenigClark Bockelman Clement ChabernaudDaisuke UedaDavid AgbodjiGabriel AubryGarrett NeffHamid OnifadeJackson HaleJanis AncensJarrod ScottJason ShawJohn HallsJon Kortajarena, Julien Hedquist, Mark VanderlooMathias LauridsenNicolas Ripoll
Noah MillsRJ KingRJ RogenskiSean O’PrySimon NessmanTyson BallouVincent LaCrocq and Will Chalker

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Christian Hosoi and Haden McKenna by Michael Schmelling / Stylist Annie Psaltiras



Abiah Hostvedt & Kendall Harrison by Christopher Griffith / Stylist Matthew Marden (De Facto)

  1. Alex Lundqvist, Mark Vanderloo, Gabriel Aubry, Jason Shaw, Julien Hedquist, Will Walker, the models of the nineties.

  2. What a blast from the past!! Great to see none of these guys have had cosmetic surgery (though most have used a bit of ‘Just for Men’ to hide the grey) and although they have aged very much since so long ago and don’t look young anymore-they have all grown to be men! Good for them.

  3. Beautiful pictures and wonderfull men.
    As a non-caucausian person (dark-skinned) I looked and saw of all the guys 3 beautiful dark skinned guys, the next thing I thought was were are the gorgeous asian models…I don’t see them…yes them!! I don’t want to see 1 ‘token’ asian guy only.

    I had to go back to the main picture 3 times to make sure if the guy on the left bottom sitting is asian or caucausian…its 2015 people at Details…!! come ‘through’ please!!!

    But on positive note, again beautiful pictures and gorgeous white men.

  4. Let me get this out of the way to star this off with: this is a great time for male models now. So many campaigns and magazine covers and clients and social media are trying to capitalize on them so this is a very good sign for the male modeling industry. Second of all I do remember liking last year´s Details cover with the famous male supermodels on the scene but I was REALLY complaining over the casting and the magazine´s decision to not feature a single model of color, it was all caucasian models, full stop. The styling was however much better and I liked the editorial very much.

    Now it terms of this September cover : the immediate reaction I had was to smile. I was really happy to see so so many super male models. I instantly had the flashback of that old school Meisel´s Italian Vogue anniversary cover: Vogue Italia October 1994. Haven´t we all thought of that cover when we saw this Details cover?

    However it´s true that so many of these new guys are unknown to me. I obviously see lots of great male top models but 20 of them can be called top male models but 31 and to even try to call them supermodels, heu… no. We´re obviously missing great male models but that´s always the case on those big group cover shoots. Remember the stories for Vogue Japan and the anniversary and Christy Turlington, Kate Moss or Cindy Crawford not being there on that day?

    I mean, besides our personal favorite models we all have to acknowledge how tremendously difficult of a task it is to reunite a few models and here in this case 31 of the most well known hardworking male top models. So it must have been a nightmare to coordinate all these models´ agendas and with their agencies and agents and schedules and all. And I´m talking from my own point of view with my magazine trying to coordinate covershoots and editorials with several agencies´ represented models. So to do a covershoot with 31 and since they are famous I mean it must have been super duper hard. So congrats anyways 😉

  5. I love each anyone of you guy doing great work and making a well know name it give me hope for my future. THANK YOU

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