Petition for Ruslana

This in from Models 1 regarding Ruslana.

“As some of you will be aware, when Ruslana died, the NYPD were very quick to declare her death suicide. They made their decision in less than 24 hours and without many of the investigations that we would expect. We are trying to get the case re-opened in the hope that they will investigate it thoroughly on second chance, ie actually search her phone and email to see who she actually spoke to in the hours before her death, question her friends etc. It may not change the conclusion, but at least we will know that a more thorough job has been done.

Her ex-boyfriend Artem did an interview on FOX news and has started this petition, which we need as many names as possible on before it is handed over to her lawyer to present to the relevant people. Please, if you do sign it, make sure you put your full name and email address, or it will not be counted.”

Petition for Ruslana

Pols courtesy of Models 1

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