Brazil's next generation

Nathalie Edembug (left, Way/Marilyn NY)
Daniela Borges (top left- Nass Models/NY Models) Claudia Seiler (top right, Way/One NY)
Luana Teifke (right Way/Marilyn NY)
Luiza Winberg (middle- Way/Elite NY).

Ph: Jacques Dequeker Brazilian Vogue August 2008. pics courtesy of NY Models

Daniela/NY Models

  1. Gosh Brazil always amazes me…Daniela B is someone that make me speachless everytime I see, and she is still so young!


  3. Definetelly Daniela is different all the other ones are blueyed beauties she has something from Jessica Miller with some features of a baby Linda Evangelista I am crazy aboiut this girl since ger first season in NY when she was 13yo

  4. Why did they shoot the same girl in five different poses on the front cover?

    Where are the black Brazilian women?

  5. I agree! Also, they made everyone look almost the same exact colour. And we know the ranges in Brazil go from porcelain to Alex Wec. Interesting.

  6. Where is Gracie de Carvalho? She is prettier than any of the girls in this cover and plus she is the model of the our in Brazil. It`s a shame that Vogue chooses the easy way and put in a cover 5 girls looking exactly the same.

  7. Gracie for sure is amazing but to call daniela the same of the other girls is a crime … if you study her face and what she did already with 15 years old you will see that she is amazing. and some features are close to gracie like her nose.

  8. couldn’t they have found a beautiful black model to give it a splash of color? i know there are beaustiful black women there….it never ends this racism stuff, aren’t ‘they’ tired of being racists yet?

  9. Here in Brazil, we have beautiful grils, and also beautiful models. This girls are great, and for sure they aren’t what Brazil has to show olny!

    The cover is amazing and the girls are fantastic, but we are much more than this!

  10. daniela is amazing! more than any other girl, i agree that we have more than this in brazil, but what can we do? some people are not gonna change, racism is still in here… and in everywhere else… But that’s it, daniela is wonderful, congratilations girafinha, i love you!

  11. This is a Superb Photo of Daniela! She was discovered at a young age similar to another Daniela, Daniela Cott of Argentina.

    Regarding the Vogue Cover, I would tend to agree with some other commenters here – Brazil is the biggest and earliest mixing bowl of the world. Many from differing origins have settled and mixed in Brazil, consequently there are many Beautiful Potential Young Models of Mixed Race and Colour that make up a significant portion of the population, it would be nice to see more of that represented in the Top Fashion Magazines such as Brazilian vogue.

    Look out for Lakshmi Camila Colombero in the future, she made her debut last month amongst some contraversy regarding her age, but hopefully with the right modeling directions she can be just like the Daniela’s.

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