Change of Guard

As soon as Vanity Fair Italy previewed cover images from Vogue Italia’s “China” issue the internet was abuzz over the non-Meisel round-up of photographers– confirming the whispers that the storied lensman would longer shoot every cover. For models, having a VI cover by Steven Meisel served as a badge of honor and a telltale of imminent visibility.  Steven’s famous partiality for beautiful women and inimitable eye has forecasted and launched numerous careers. So needless to say, his absences after holding the fort since 1988 is big news.

For the the “China” issue, Vogue Italia enlisted Craig McDean, Mario Sorrenti, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and Steven Klein to help carry the weight of Meisel’s absence, shooting a cast of established Chinese beauties Fei Fei Sun, Xiao Wen JuJing Wen and newer faces like Yuan Bo Chao, Fernanda Ly and Gia Tang. Each cover bears the visual thumbprint from this league of extraordinary photographers: McDean’s romantic evocations; Sorrenti’s audacious arrangements; Mert and Marcus’ high-styled narratives and Klein’s surreal interpretations. Whether or not it’s enough to fill the void, the praise-worthy selection of models by these modern masters in celebration of China certainly stands on its own.

Fei Fei Sun by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott (Art Partner) / Images courtesy of Women Management (New York)


Jing WenGia Tang & Fernanda Ly by Mario Sorrenti (Art Partner) / Images courtesy of Supreme Management (New York) and DNA Models (New York)


Yuan Bo Chao by Craig McDean (Art + Commerce) / Images courtesy of Next New York (New York)

Xiao Wen_Italian Vogue_01

Xiao Wen_Italian Vogue_02

Xiao Wen Ju by Steven Klein (Art Partner) / Images courtesy of IMG (New York)

  1. I would say that,yes, it’s a big big void to fill in the image of this iconic magazine, but we should remember that behind steven meisel’s works, ideas and concepts there is not only Mr Meisel, but there is also the labour of many other designers, stylists etc.. that have contributed to transform Vogue Italia in that unique creature that we see today. So I believe that VI could stand his absence, although I hope he will return soon 🙂

  2. Great work! This is more China than Vogue China. VI is my favorite Vogue magazine although I do not understand Italian but looking at the photos and art work is worth my penny.

  3. Have to agree with Larxi, it takes a team from concept through creation to final edit. To add to that, any model should be happy to have a VI cover. It shouldn’t matter who the photographer is.

  4. Pity, simply not the same without him… all of the sudden becomes like most other vogues… where is Roversi? His covers are always stunning!

  5. That was nice the China issue it’s it’s perfect fit and right caractors so too me it is an art .

  6. The only cover and editorial worth the quality is Fei Fei’s version. I think Steven Meisel’s vision would be a lot more extraordinary had he done the covers.

  7. I agree with Larxi, “I believe that VI could stand his absence”, it does take team collaboration to produce such extraordinary quality and vision.

    Meisel is amazing but there are lots of other amazing photographers and talents out there, would love to see more of all of them given the chance to really push their creativity to new heights.

    From the ones above, I personally like Yuan Bo Chao by Craig McDean, there is a freshness, a je ne sais quoi

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