Weird Beauty

Emma Summerton‘s vision of beauty for Vogue Italia is dark, modern and played out on the faces of fashion’s most original new girls. Melodie Dagault, Janete Friedrich, Hanna Rundolf and Alexa Yudina stars in a story that takes an unusual approach to beauty constructs and winds up seeming more goth than glam, Mathias van Hooff‘s otherwordly makeup and Patti Wilson‘s avant garde styling to create a look that is offbeat but lovely.

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Janete, Alexa, Mathilde & Hanna by Emma Summerton | Scanned by Diciassette at Fashionspot

  1. So truman likes unphotoshopped images. We get it.

    I can agree to an extent, but I think it’s just the equivalent of someone saying “That’s, like, so airbrushed.” in the 80s.. or “By Jove! Look at all that spotting & dodging & burning!” in the 50s.

    Sign of the times man. Get over it.

  2. i do like things when they r well done wich s not this case cos they r so airbrushed like a beginner could do….i ve nothgn agaisnt digital or photoshop cos infact s resoult of our time..but this s italian vogue…not a free test so i cant expect more

  3. someone should ban Trumancapote from posting on this website. I’ve never heard anything but whining and complaining and a constant flow of insults from this guy. It’s far more interesting to hear people who are passionate about the beautiful works posted here than someone who most probably works at a telemarkting company and has far too much time on his hands through out a day.

  4. No. Most of these images are retouched by the best in the business – after all it is Italian Vogue. They are just trying to achieve an aesthetic that you don’t happen to like. So it’s a matter of taste not ability, and therefore not deserving of your crude appraisals.

    If you said you don’t like the retouching, fair game. To say they are done “poorly” quite frankly says more about you than it does the images.

  5. I love the cast and some of the styling ideas, not so much the end result. Emma Summerton’s overrated, there’s always something lacking (for me) in her stories.

  6. I Just had a chance to read all the comments on this post after I said these images were too retouch. Looking at the images and coming from a great retouching background at Vogue I do believe they are super retouched.
    It might be a bit weird for the eye since some images seems half retouch to look like a painting and others have a surrealistic look to them. If it was meant to look like a panting I get it if it is meant to look like today’s Vogue covers I get it. But, I don’t get mixing overly retouching with surrealism. I do like the simplicity of the lighting though. Very Steven Meisel in away.

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